We have extensive experience working with some of the biggest healthcare companies in the world providing innovative solutions.

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Reckitt Benckiser
Smith & Nephew

We understand the needs of your healthcare brand. You need to communicate and you need to do it efficiently.
That is why we provide the tools for you to do so.


Online Events / Interactive Engaging Webinars.

Interactive Webinars are a great tool for you and your Healthcare brand to engage with your internal teams and external audience. Whether you are looking to boost sales directly & indirectly or enhance digital communication within your organisation, Interactive Webinars is an innovative solution for your Healthcare brand.

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Remote E-Detailing / Interactive PDF’s / Sales Aid’s.

E-Detailing is a fantastic tool to increase engagement with your customers. We will take your existing assets and digitize them, which will enable your sales team to display the content on their portable devices. Not only that, but we can also make these sales aids interactive and increasingly engaging.

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App Development.

We have worked with many of the leading global healthcare companies to build and develop innovative apps and we will do the same for yours too. We understand the nuances of working within the medical regulations and ensure aesthetics are not compromised but emphasised.

We have an expert team on hand to build whatever you need and your customer desires.

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Healthcare Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Possibly the most effective way to create a deep and meaningful connection with your audience and consumers is Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

Augmented & Virtual Reality can enhance your training of healthcare professionals by enabling interaction within a virtual environment before operating in the real world.

This latest Healthcare innovation also provides Pharmaceutical and Medical companies with an opportunity to communicate product information. For example, with Augmented Reality your consumers can see how a drug works in 3D in front of their eyes instead of attempting to digest lengthy product description text.

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Healthcare Video Production.

We create videos that help you engage your audience and build trust with your consumers. Not only that, but we can also help you communicate new corporate policies, training visuals and much more.

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Healthcare Animations.

2D and 3D animations allow you to communicate effectively and efficiently through your marketing channels. Whether it’s a high-quality 3D mode of action video or a simple 2D medical explainer video, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help you.

We understand that your solutions are complex and require careful yet easy-to-understand explanations for your consumers. That is why with 2D & 3D Animations, you will now be able to create high-quality content for your sales team, marketing campaigns and much more.

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Other Services.

We offer many other services to Healthcare companies including:
Website Development
Design & Branding

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Case Studies.

Nurofen interactive sales e-detail used to keep kids cool.

We developed an interactive sales e-detail aid for a new ‘Nurofen for Children’ temperature monitoring device for young children with fever. The temperature monitoring device is linked to a mobile app which gives parents real-time analytics and alerts them of any substantial change or hi…

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