Creating Exciting Animations for Scholl!


Background and Objectives

Having worked with Eon Visual Media for over 10 years creating sales and marketing assets, Scholl, foot care experts, approached us to create a toolkit of mode of action animations and e-details to refresh the look and feel of their existing assets to align with marketing materials. As well as this, they wanted to update the claims on their products and introduce a new plantar fasciitis product in their range of insoles.  

The main use of the assets was as a sales aid for their sales team who often approach and speak to healthcare professionals. As well as this, they were also used for internal training and have been deployed in consumer situations.  

Shoe insole on a purple background with yellow and white text and the yellow scholl logo in the right hand bottom corner. Screenshot from an animation video

A shoe insole on a red background with white text and a yellow scholl logo in the bottom right corner. Screenshot from an animation video

Animation Process

To begin with, we established the changes and requirements and audited existing materials. Key to Scholl’s aims was creating materials that could not only be adapted for different markets through translations but also tailored to their SKUs and locally approved market claims. Following our initial audit, we proposed a modular approach.  

We were able to repurpose an existing motion captured walk cycle that allowed us to demonstrate a walk gait with and without an insole. Using the key features and claims, Eon’s copywriters created initials scripts for approval. Once the scripts were approved, we created an initial storyboard and some key visual look images to approve the look and feel. 

Collaborating with the Scholl team we were able to source the manufacturing models which allowed us to build 3D models of the insole to perfect accuracy. Once textured and rendered these were also sent for approval. Packaging renders were also created from the print ready artworks. The pack shots were also set up to be market adaptable and they could easily be replaced with local artworks when required.  

The final outcome consisted of 3 mode of action videos: Clinically Proven Claims, Introducing Plantar Fasciitis and Full Inbalance Range. 


The mode of action animation was a great success and was adapted for 4 different markets including France and Germany. We have also delivered market adaptable files for deployment and have adapted the content for trade as well as having created portrait versions for use on exhibitions and social media.  The expertise within our team means we can create market adaptable files with different language translations to create a truly marketable video. The success of this and previous projects has led to further work with Scholl on their new range.  

Keep an eye out for another case study on how we created the e-details within Scholl’s toolkit!  

Shoe insole with green and blue colours on a purple background with white and yellow text and the yellow scholl logo in the bottom right corner. Screenshot from an animation video

"Creating transferable assets and toolkits for Global markets can be challenging. However, working with Eon Media, they have supported every step to ensure a finished product that really hit the mark. The style and visuals of the animations created for us as an organisation have been professional for the health care professional space and set a new tone of animations for us. We are excited to continue our journey with Eon!"

Jo McCardle