Web Design, UX, Site-Mapping, Wireframe Building, HTML Scripting...

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Design, wireframing, optimisation, production, data capture, UX, UI...

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Storyboard development, 2D, 3D, stop motion, motion graphics, AR, VR...

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Pre & post production, drone footage, 360 videos, live events, conferences…

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Web design, packaging, product design, infographics,
branding materials, logos...

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Digital Marketing

Social media, SEO,
email marketing,
google analytics…

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Our team of web developers have the skills to manage end to end development and create a solution that caters to your needs and works exactly the way you want it to. Nowadays having an effective online presence can be make or break for your business and at Eon, we create highly functioning and seamless websites that will help your business to flourish.

Our skills base covers web design, UX, site-mapping, wireframe building, HTML scripting and much more. We’re experts in developing E-commerce platforms, E-learning hubs and mobile optimised websites, whilst also managing your data and analytics throughout the journey. We understand the importance of speed, functionality and usability when developing a successful website, and our mantra is that the customer is always your harshest critic, so aim to inspire them.

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Here at Eon, we have an experienced team of in-house developers, skilled in putting customers at the heart of what they do. We guide you through the 3 core stages of mobile app production, from concept and app design all the way through to wireframing, app development and optimisation. We’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest B2B and B2C businesses, finely tuning their ideas into a reliable and robust piece of technology.

Our expertise pans across all major platforms, including iOS and Android, and we have the ability to create bespoke solutions tailored to your strategy. We understand the importance of UX and we aim to create technology that not only uses stunning design, but is also highly functional. Our expertise branches out into the latest innovations in AR and VR usage, as well as the use of 2D and 3D imagery.

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We aim to inspire audiences through animation, and we live and breathe creativity. Sparked with imagination, we create animations that leave a lasting impression on audiences. We offer a collaborative service, helping brands to tell their story using visual assets. Storyboard development, 2D, 3D, stop motion, motion graphics, AR and VR....we can do it all. Whether you need an infographic, a promotional video, or an animation for your website or app, we’re happy to help.

We carry your project from start to finish, creating media that is completely unique to your business. Equally if you come to us with all the idea’s, we’ll happily put your plan into motion. With animation the possibilities are endless…

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Our video service is formed by a team of experienced videographers. They are able to draw from your objectives and create a visual masterpiece.

We have a passion for inspiring content and will team up with you to determine your strategy, construct your game plan, and manage the pre and post production of your video. Our video offering includes drone footage, 360 videos, live event coverage, conferences,live streaming and much more. Our speciality lies in creating original concepts, and we know that nothing has the ability to grab your attention more than a powerful video.

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Inspiring audiences with inspiring content is at our core. We make it our goal to understand your business inside and out and we want to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes to enable us to recognise their needs. Our enthusiasm for design and storytelling is what got us to where we are today, and our aim is to help you take your business to the next level. Your brand personality is your key to success, and our supercharged team are happy to tackle any design challenge that comes their way.

Digital inspires everything we do and our design abilities reach web, mobile apps, social media, videography, animation and digital content design. From packaging and web design to product design, infographics and branding materials. If we can bring your ideas to reality, then we consider this a huge success.

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Digital Marketing.

Behind our Digital Marketing service is a talented team formed by creative and strategic thinkers. Our goal is to help you build a relationship with your audience in order to grow your business. We always begin by immersing ourselves in what you do, and where you want your business to go.

Using our marketing expertise, our team will guide you to success using social media, SEO and email marketing, working closely with our design team to create robust marketing campaign’s that are bespoke to your requirements. Analytics is vital to your success and we will help you to manage your data and optimise your marketing activity accordingly. Whatever your goal is, whether it be to engage your sales team, raise brand awareness or to drive sales, we have a passion for helping our clients succeed.

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