An Engaging Sales E-Detail for CliniMed



In 2022, our creative team at Eon Visual Media were recruited by CliniMed Ltd to create a range of new sales documents to help promote and sell a new range of stoma care products.

Based in High Wycombe, CliniMed Ltd is a collective of seven companies which all provide specialist products and services within the healthcare industry. The brand was due to launch a brand-new range of stoma care products called Arum Plus and the marketing team were looking to enhance their existing sales material which consisted of traditional printed sales brochure and documents.

In this case study, we will explore how our team designed and developed a brand-new sales e-detail and interactive PDF for CliniMed Ltd.


Sales E-Detail for CliniMed


Sales E-Detail for CliniMed

Aims & Objectives

In preparation for this project, our creative and development team liaised with CliniMed Ltd to discuss the overall aims and objectives for this project.

After establishing CliniMed Ltd needs, our development team agreed that the best approach would be to create an e-book as well as a separate interactive PDF. These assets would be used remotely by Sales reps on iPads and tablets to promote the main Arum Plus product features and assist with the sales of these products.

Developing an e-book would allow our team to incorporate some additional interactivity features such as animation and multimedia which would help bring content to life. Creating an interactive PDF would also ensure that CliniMed Ltd.’s sales brochures would be easily accessible across more devices where e-book reader is unavailable. After establishing the format and gaining access to CliniMed Ltd.’s brand guidelines, our creative design team began developing the brand-new sales e-detail and interactive PDF.

E-Detail Design & Features

To help with the development of our brand-new e-detail and interactive PDF, our design team were provided a variety of pre-existing sales presentations and brochures. With these, our team transformed these traditional sales documents into an engaging and modern digital e-detail experience. Furthermore, our team were able to utilise existing branding, imagery, and multimedia assets which had previously been designed and created for CliniMed Ltd.’s sister company Welland Medical. With access to eye-catching graphics, MOA animations and explainer videos, our e-detail incorporate a wide variety of interactive and engaging features and help create an effective sales tool.

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CliniMed Sales E-Detail

For the design of CliniMed Ltd.’s e-book and interactive PDF, these were created to look and feel more like a website or mobile app, with enhanced navigation icons across the bottom. This would allow sales reps to educate customers of the full product features as well as explain CliniMed Ltd brand story. Additionally, this would also allow sales reps to easily locate and jump straight to relevant content and help draw the attention of prospective customers to focus on specific areas of the document and call-to-actions.

Additionally, our team incorporated a wide variety of embedded media including animations, graphics, and videos, which would help to enrich and enhance the overall user experience. Our sales e-detail also featured a plethora of animated page builds featuring a variety of infographics, customer testimonials, case studies and more. Featuring these high-quality visuals added an extra element of interactivity to our e-detail and helped to explain specific products and services in greater detail whilst also creating an entertaining and memorable experience for the user.


After submitting the brand-new sales e-details, these were incredibly well received by CliniMed Ltd, and our design team were highly praised for the overall design and usability. Since completing this project, these e-details have been utilised as an effective tool by the by the CliniMed Ltd Sales & Marketing team.

Due to the ongoing complications caused by the coronavirus and global pandemic, our e-details have been a particularly effective tool in conducting remote online sales meetings with prospective customers.

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As you can see, there are many different features, applications, and benefits to developing and implementing e-details as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

At Eon Visual Media, we are incredibly passionate about creating visually stunning and engaging e-detail documents as well as a plethora of other healthcare communications which can help your business stand out from the competition.

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