The Allevyn Life Promise App!


Back in 2003, Eon Visual Media became an independent limited company. DVDs outsold VHS tapes for the first time and technology was at a turning point. Not long after, in 2005, 1 billion people were using the internet which was 1/5 of the population at the time! This pivotal time period saw digital innovation rise, with businesses looking for new ways to advertise, train and market their products.  

Allevyn Life products, manufactured by Smith & Nephew, were used to treat wounds exuding liquid. Per unit, their dressings were actually more expensive than competitors. However, the products were much more durable and functional and actually needed to be changed less often. Based on average patient stay times, it would be more effective for customers to use Allevyn Life products. The Allevyn Life Promise assured customers that they would be saving money by buying more durable and higher-quality products. 

The Allevyn Life Promise App

What is the Allevyn Life Promise App? 

Originally launched in 2013, the Allevyn Life Promise App served two primary purposes. Firstly, it was used to demonstrate the benefits of Allevyn Life dressings and could also be used as a sales aid for the Smith & Nephew sales team. Secondly, it was used as a comparison calculator, to allow users to compare Allevyn Life products to others based on dressing changes, cost and time.  

The Adobe Flash developed app was designed to be interactive and engaging, giving customers an incentive to use it to compare other products on the market with a direct link to their own needs. Smith & Nephew typically used very corporate designs in their campaigns, but the Allevyn Life project introduced modern infographics with lots of animation features to bring the content to life. The app was preloaded with hospital trust data with number of dressings used etc.  As well as this, the app allowed for manual data entry to give more specific data, which could then be emailed to customers following the visit. When sales representatives from Smith & Nephew visited hospital trusts, they could present the hospital with more relevant information, giving direct cost savings for the full hospital or as individual departments.  

One Less Change in Your Life

In 2014, Eon Visual Media won a Bronze IVCA Award for Best App & the Mail’s Innovation & Technology Award which still stand on the awards shelves in the office! Being able to be a part of such a prestigious project with Smith & Nephew is such a proud moment in Eon Media’s business history and goes down as one of the most innovative app projects throughout the years, which also went on to be developed for the Australian market! 

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