AI in Digital Marketing!


At The Business Day 2024, the Head of Eon, James Cherry, held a breakout session titled AI in Digital Marketing and Content Creation. He wanted to chat about the influence of AI in marketing, copywriting, content creation and business.

If you didn’t manage to catch the talk, don’t worry – we’ve summarised it in a blog below!

What is AI?

AI is defined as a ‘type of computer software which engages in human-like activities, such as learning, planning and problem solving’. A survey conducted by Microsoft and LinkedIn of 31,000 people found that around 75% of people are already using AI at work, with 46% beginning to use AI less than 6 months ago. Studies by Harvard Business School show that generative AI (AI that creates new content) makes businesses 25% more productive and 40% more effective.  

Exploration of AI in Digital Marketing

During our research for this presentation, we explored a variety of AI tools to test their efficacy, ease of use and range of capabilities. As a company, we’ve been experimenting with and researching AI in digital marketing for more than 18 months and even spoke about it at last year’s Business Day event! 

Amazon, Google and OpenAI are only a few of the companies that have been exploring AI tools and uses within their business. Photoshop, Illustrator (Adobe), Shutterstock, Adobe Firefly, and Canva have been utilising AI for digital marketing and content creation.

Let’s try and create a business using AI tools…

Strategy and Content

Presenting Steven Seagull Solicitors, a solicitor for prosecuting seagulls involved in the crime of chip theft. Okay… we had to get creative with the type of business we wanted to create.

We utilised AI tools to create a business name (Steven Seagull’s), a business strategy and a marketing strategy with campaign ideas. We used the OpenAI tool ChatGPT for this and here’s what it came up with:

  • Emphasis on social strategies – post informative content about legal matters, case studies, legal tips, and updates on legal changes.
  • Host live Q&A sessions.
  • Post short informative videos for social media.
  • Invest in staff training and development.
  • Consider events, sponsorships and charities.
  • Encourage reviews from satisfied customers.

Taking this on board, we then asked for more specific marketing campaign ideas for Steven Seagull’s:

  • #LegalTipsTuesday.
  • Client success stories.
  • Ask a solicitor in a live Q&A.
  • Behind the scenes content.
  • Legal mythbusters series.
  • Monthly legal update newsletter.
  • Community spotlight feature.
  • Free consultation campaign.
  • Employee highlights.
  • Interactive polls and quizzes.

The Brand

After we established a brand name, business strategy, marketing strategy and campaign ideas, we then went on to flesh out the brand, slogan and imagery using OpenAI, Adobe Firefly and LogoAI.

‘Your Legal Wingman’, the new slogan of Steven Seagull’s!

Below are a few of images we generated using AI tools. These would be used across social media for marketing campaigns, as well as use on the website.

Videos and Audios

Utilising CopyAI, we were able to generate a video script to create a promotional video for Steven Seagull’s Solicitors. It includes cues for scene changes, emotions and expressions as well as image suggestions and narration. We also used AI to generate text and imagery for the ad, as well as audio voice overs, voice generators and audio music, with a selection of pop, punk or 80s. Of course, this could all be regenerated until the perfect result was achieved. Suno was used to create a song with lyrics that could be used in the promotional video.

AI is revolutionising the creation of video scripts, audio and narration, making the process more efficient and innovative. In audio and narration, AI can synthesise human-like voices, allowing for seamless and diverse voice-overs without needing a human narrator. This capability is particularly beneficial for personalising user experiences. Moreover, AI can optimise and edit audio tracks, enhancing sound quality and ensuring a polished final product, transforming media production landscapes. 

Social Media and Blogs

A key part of many marketing strategies includes social media posts and blogs. CopyAI generated a series of static social posts, including copy to be posted on social media. It also gave a selection of blog titles, statistics and news, as well as having the option for fully written blogs. It’s simple to generate both ideas and completed pieces of work, making the marketing of theoretical Steven Seagull’s Solicitors simple to carry out.

As well as this, we used an AI tool to generate a 3D model of a seagull to use in content creation and across social media and websites.

To Summarise

In summary, some would argue that AI tools are seriously changing the way we work and are able to improve productivity and effectiveness. We experimented with creating a hypothetical business, a strategy and a marketing strategy to test the capabilities of AI in digital marketing and showcase its effectiveness and influence on productivity. It’s an area that’s constantly developing and being researched, but it is clear to see that the tools can create simple and often advanced content, including visual and audio, making processes more time efficient and seamless. But if you’d rather have the human touch, get in touch and our team will be happy to help you with anything digital marketing and content related! 

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