The Business Day 2023!


Background and Objectives

The Business Day 2023 was set to be a great event, and what a spectacular day it was! The 2023 seaside themed event gathered businesses from across the region for a day of networking, great food, keynote speakers and the usual insightful breakout sessions.

Here at Eon Visual Media, we were very happy to once again be asked to film the event to capture footage of the host Gyles Brandreth, the keynote speakers, and all of the fun things going on throughout the day! Our main objectives were to create a promotional video for East Riding Council and Bridlington Spa to showcase the fantastic event that is The Business Day!

Eon Visual Media’s Business Day

Being a main sponsor of The Business Day, our team got to work constructing our Tiki Bar themed stand and preparing our main attraction for the day…the metahumans! As usual, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase some of our innovative technology and chat to some fabulous individuals from across the region.

Managing Director and Head of Eon, Matt Dass and James Cherry, prepared and delivered a very innovative talk on the future of content and the use of AI which was very well received. It’s so important for us as a creative and innovative agency to investigate and highlight potential changes in our operations and day to day business. (Psst…check out our blog on this for more!)



Business Day Videography

Whilst part of the Eon Visual Media team manned the stand, the videography team captured footage of the event, including networking, the breakout sessions and the (very generous) lunch, as well as interviewing main sponsors and keynote speakers.

As well as this, we livestreamed footage of the keynote speakers through to the main hall from the theatre, so even those busy networking could listen to the insights from Clare Balding, Keith Harris and Rachel Fellows. One of our other responsibilities was the audio and visual management of the day, not only filming the event for promotional use, but ensuring, internally, that information and content was broadcasted into the main hall. Our wider team also provided video and animation content to be used internally at The Business Day!


Every year it is such a privilege to work with Bridlington Spa and the East Riding Council to be able to capture footage for promotional material for The Business Day!


From livestreaming, drone videography, animation content and interviews, there’s a lot that goes into filming a big event like The Business Day, but our team can do it all! Get in touch, and let us help you capture content and make the most out of your event.