4 Effective Types of EDetails!


EDetails are often used as a communication tool within the healthcare industry, to convey important and sometimes complex information about a product or service. In healthcare these are usually delivered by sales representatives. 

EDetail aids need to stand out from the crowd, be engaging and educate key product or service USPs often with competitor comparisons. Read more about the features and benefits of eDetails from a previous blog! 

There are a number of different approaches when it comes to eDetails, from interactive HTMLs to printed leave behinds, to suit a range of budgets. Here at Eon Visual Media, our team of developers and designers work together to produce high quality, visually appealing eDetails for all of your sales, marketing and communication needs!  

Read on to find out more information about eDetails… 

Interactive HTMLs

Think, mini website. This approach offers more control and flexibility regarding the content within the eDetail, meaning you are able to tailor the content and make it interactive and engaging.  

The HTML can then be integrated within a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. This allows for eDetail aids to be tailored to specific customers that exist within the CRM and even tailor the presentations for follow up calls or visits. 

It also offers data and analytics including time spent on certain areas and the number of interactions, that can be extrapolated to better understand and optimise the content for the future.  

Differing from other types of eDetails, interactive HTMLs allow the integration of multimedia elements, including video, audio and images. They have clickable and interactive elements, including polls and quizzes, and have mechanisms to enable feedback.  

Interactive HTMLs are a great option if you have a bigger budget – they’re more engaging and interactive for the audience and allow healthcare professionals to gather useful data.  

PDF EDetails

PDF eDetails differ slightly from interactive HTMLs, particularly in the content; static content is better applied to PDFs, although hyperlinks and other multimedia can be embedded. They have cross platform compatibility, are printable, and allow for collaboration through annotations. PDFs can be password-protected and encrypted to allow the security of sensitive information and data, a necessity for healthcare companies! 

PDFs are a great option and are more budget friendly than HTMLs. Although they are not as interactive as HTMLs, they do have some degree of engagement through embedded multimedia and hyperlinks. They’re fantastic for displaying information to be sent out across platforms but have limited scope for video and animation content.  

Clinimed edetails

Powerpoint EDetails

Powerpoint eDetails have the opportunity to be creative, through animations and transitions between slides. They can be very visually appealing, though they lack some interactive elements. Despite this, they’re great for presenting – as well as embedded multimedia and hyperlinks, they have speaker notes and guidance to allow you to use notes as prompts that the audience can’t see. As well as this, they have a number of exporting options to allow the eDetail to be sent across platforms.  

Powerpoint eDetails are best for presenting, perhaps at events and conferences. There is scope to embed multimedia as well as opportunities to improve the visuals, although they don’t have tailored content and analytics and are not as widely accepted as PDFs.  

Printed Leave Behinds

Printed leave behinds are moreover limited to text and images, evidently because they are static and left behind at events, conferences and presentations. These were originally used before digital eDetail aids and have since been replaced in many businesses, but they still have some benefits in healthcare. There are opportunities to utilise some graphic design skills, including changing layouts and typography, to make the document more visually appealing. Although there are no options to add online interactivity, pull-outs and fold-outs can be used to add a different level of engagement.  

Printed leave behinds are, again, best for events and conferences, where you can leave some additional information for the audience. They’re a great addition to your sales toolkit! The print quality should be considered and should be designed and printed on high-quality materials to leave the best impression.  

In conclusion, HTMLs are the most interactive and flexible option, but come with a higher cost. The cheapest and most popular choice, PDF eDetails, have more opportunities to be used cross platform and with some multimedia options.  

If you’re thinking about upgrading your sales and communications toolkit, consider adding in some eDetails. Our team of expert designers and developers can work with you to create the most effective solution for you, to suit your needs and budget. Get in touch today!

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