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In today’s digital world, visual aids play a pivotal role in sharing and digesting information. Mode of Action (MOA) animations are a fantastic tool, particularly for healthcare companies, in effectively communicating often complex information to a range of audiences. Read our blog MOA Videos Explained to find out more, or Mode of Action Animation: The Process to see how our team craft perfect visual aids!

In this blog, we’re going to be discussing how you can get the most out of your MOA animations to ensure you’re effectively communicating with your audience…

Eon Visual Media – MOA Showreel

Define key points and objectives

To be able to clearly and effectively articulate any message, it is important to nail your key points and audience needs. Identifying the most important elements that your audience needs to understand will help make the asset simple and easily digestible. Are you showcasing how a product works? Explaining a step-by-step guide? Showing a product demonstration? Every type of MOA will have different goals and key messaging, so it is important to clearly define these at the beginning of the project.

Make it visually appealing

Of course, this may seem obvious, but ensuring your MOA is visually appealing, concise and simple really is an important part of effective communication. That’s where we come in…we have over 20 years of experience working alongside healthcare companies to create visual assets, so we know what works and what doesn’t! Collaborating with a creative agency like Eon Visual Media gives you the reassurance that your visual content is in safe hands!

Part of effective communication includes appropriate and simple visuals. We understand that healthcare companies often share complex and sensitive information, so making it as visually appealing as possible will really help audiences understand and digest the key messaging.

Integrate across platforms

Ensuring that your MOA animations are compatible across various platforms is important in enhancing the reach and accessibility of information. Whether you’re sharing across different social platforms, presenting in person or embedding on websites, assets should always be compatible to the audience needs. Part of this includes translating content for different geographical areas which is something we can help you with!

Mode of Action Animation

MOA animations are a great tool for communicating with your audiences, especially when it comes to sharing complex and difficult information. Creating visually stunning assets with concise information that is suitable for a range of platforms and audiences will ensure reach and actionable engagement. Get in touch and let our team work their magic to create the perfect MOA animations for you!

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