Creating an Online Magazine for SecuriCare


Background and Research

Part of the CliniMed group, SecuriCare specialise in stoma and continence care supplies. As part of their care, education and support, they provide a free online and printed magazine for their customers. Published twice per year, and consisting of around 36-40 pages, the magazine comprises a range of articles, patient stories, experiences (of travel, exercise and life with a stoma) and updates from nurses and new product releases.

We were approached by SecuriCare to create an issue of their Hand in Hand magazine. As this was a new project for Eon Visual Media, SecuriCare were keen to ensure their branding was in alignment with the task and so provided extra supporting information, including previous editions, logos, brand guidelines, and style guides.

SecuriCare Medical Online Magazine


SecuriCare initially contacted Eon Visual Media in the hopes of finding a fresh partner with high-quality work and a quick turnaround! Of course, we were more than happy to engage with SecuriCare and consider their needs and deadlines whilst maintaining the high-quality work they needed. Publishing twice per year, it was important for us to maintain deadlines and work quickly to create the magazine with relevant information and advice.


To begin the process, SecuriCare supplied word documents, images and an excel sheet with suggested page layouts and article positioning. This is important to ensure the magazine aligned with SecuriCare’s established branding.

After we received the information, we used the Adobe InDesign application to create the magazine; we used Photoshop and Illustrator to edit images to ensure they could be used within, behind and alongside other content. In addition to this, we suggested the use of stock photography to further enhance the articles for the reader.

SecuriCare Medical Online Magazine


Of course, working on a project which required such quick turnaround meant there was a lot of back-and-forth feedback and amendments. We submitted sample pages initially, and then sent over updated pages as amendments were made; we kept in frequent contact with SecuriCare to communicate any needs we may have had, as well as gaining feedback on each update. Often, we had to update image resolutions, find stock images and liaise on branding and style, ensuring the client was always happy with the work.

After our thorough work in creating the latest edition of the magazine, SecuriCare were happy to sign off and publish. We prepared the digital copies whilst SecuriCare sent for the physical copies to print.


‘I am glad I chose Eon on this occasion and look forward to working together again on the 32nd edition at the end of the year’


The final version of Eon Visual Media’s issue of the SecuriCare Hand in Hand magazine can be found here!


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