5 Healthcare Training Tool Innovations!


Creativity and innovation are essential for continuous growth in any sector, but are particularly important within the healthcare markets to ensure healthcare professionals are up to date and continue to improve in accessible ways.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss 5 of the key innovations in healthcare training including AR/VR, AI, apps and gamification, telemedicine and wearable technology, and how you can use them to transform your training tools!

AR/VR and Simulations

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming increasingly popular technologies in all kinds of markets, from entertainment and gaming to business, so it is no surprise that companies are using such technologies to innovate their healthcare training practices. AR and VR differ from other technologies in that they can utilise immersive experiences, allowing individuals to step into different environments and feel as though they are actually there. As well as this, the improvements in haptics technology allows AR/VR to replicate tactile sensations, making the simulations as realistic as possible.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become integrated into the healthcare market to develop personalised learning experiences. Modern AI tools have the ability to develop training experiences based on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, streamlining the training process and improving efficiency. Some argue that misrepresented data could lead to poor performance and missed training opportunities, but on the whole, AI training can save a lot of wasted time and energy, which is especially important in healthcare training.


Training can be monotonous and static, leading to low levels of engagement. Gamifying your training tools makes them interactive, boosting engagement through creating an enjoyable experience. Innovating training in this way often makes information more memorable. Consider adding quizzes and reward systems to your training!

Telemedicine and Remote Learning

Ensuring everyone has access to the training they need is perhaps more crucial than ever, particularly with the increase in remote working. Being able to educate healthcare professionals remotely, through global access to information and learning, is perhaps one of the more methods of modern innovation, albeit a very important one!

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is often thought of in fitness and sports, but did you know that such innovations can be practical and informative within the healthcare industry? Smart glasses/sensors are able to provide real time feedback and work essentially as an assistance tool in healthcare training.

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