Adding AR to the FLX Health App!


Background and Objectives

FLX Health approached us some time ago to develop the original FLX Health app, aimed at improving and supporting biomechanical and musculoskeletal health to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. Since then, we have updated the dashboard and added gamification elements. 

This time, we worked to add AR elements to show the customers how the app works and give them more of a visual tool to track improvement to their musculoskeletal and biomechanical health. Following on from adding gamification elements to encourage continuous use of the app, adding AR creates a really innovative and immersive way for users to view their history of reported pains and injuries, as well as what they have done to alleviate symptoms. So, how did we get started? 


FLX Health App

FLX Health App Body Model

Process – Part One

To begin with, our design and development team identified current issues of the existing app, using analytics tools, and researched better ways of displaying information, including AR.  

Once a design was agreed upon, our team began adapting a model using Blender and Reality Composer to create the 3D scene to be used in the AR mode of the app. A non-AR mode was also created to appeal to all audiences.  

After this, we set up programming interactions to make a functional model that could move and show different information based on the pains and issues previously reported. 

Process – Part Two

We made back-end changes to the data and analytical information displays and added a ‘Digital Twin’ tab to show the biomechanical and pain issues that the workouts help with. This allows the user to rate their pain at the start of their program, and upon completion, to give a longer time period of analytics to show the benefits of the app. 

Finally, after weekly calls with FLX Health to go through process and receive feedback, the newly updated app was ready. We created iOS and Android compatible formats and launched the app. 


FLX Health were really happy with the developments of the app, and with the range of work we have undertaken here at Eon Visual Media. Working to develop the original app, as well as continuous improvement through gamification and adding AR, is testament to the creativity and innovation of both FLX Health and Eon Visual Media.