FLX Health App Gamification!


Background & Objectives

We worked alongside FLX Health to create a physiotherapy app designed to support musculoskeletal health and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Read more about the original app development here, as well as updates to the dashboard.

FLX received feedback from several testing groups for the new app, and recurring feedback was that some users didn’t know they should be returning to the app for daily exercises. As a result of this, FLX sought to gamify the app, adding game playing elements to boost use and engagement.

We explore the processes used by our team in the gamification of the FLX Health app!



FLX Health App Design

FLX Health App Design


Firstly, we began the research phase into other gamified apps to explore how they maintain continuous users. Strava, Duolingo, MyFitnessPal and the iOS Health app were identified and researched by our team.

Following this, we further explored the FLX Health app and put our research to use. We identified aspects of the app that could have gamified elements to increase user engagement. We ascertained that streaks and awards and a simplified activity calendar and notifications could be added to the app, providing positive feedback and notifying users that they risk losing their exercise streak!

Process – Part One

Beginning the process, we first had to decide upon a design; we shared options with the FLX team and settled upon a straightforward design that clearly informs the user and is accessible to use. On the dashboard of the app, an activity area was added and is the first thing a user sees, encouraging engagement and efficient use.

The notification system was improved too, sending users more relevant notifications using collected data, such as a message nearing the end of the day reminding them to do their exercises or risk losing their streak.

Process – Part Two

Previous elements of the app were also modified to be more accessible and fit with the new gamified elements. For example, the analytics tabs were identified as being unclear for users and have so been replaced with a simple calendar view, highlighting training days and streaks.

Upon receiving streak milestones, users receive rewards which can be shared via social media and other platforms, intended to add an element of competition among users of the FLX Health app, as well as encourage users to remain engaged in continued exercises.

FLX Health App

FLX Health App


Rob Lewis, of FLX Health, commented ‘whether it’s taking your antibiotics, brushing your teeth or in this case exercising, what is beneficial to your health needs a user to comply with the programme.  That’s why this Gamification project is important for FLX as it allows users to visualise what they have achieved and helps them to keep track of what they need to do. Users can then enjoy the benefits FLX provides, The Improvement of Movement that protects their musculoskeletal health’

FLX were really happy with the outcome of the project and in its impact on engaging users in continued exercise that feeds into the FLX mission.

If you have a vision for an app, or want to add AR or gamification elements, get in touch – our team can steer your direction and create the perfect digital assets!