Developing an April Fool’s Day Filter



At Eon Visual Media, we can’t resist getting involved with seasonal campaigns! Whether it’s HalloweenEaster, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, our team love showing off their creative skills and producing creative content to help celebrate the season! With this, the marketing team at Eon Visual Media wanted to go all out for April Fool’s Day and develop an engaging marketing campaign and try trick our stakeholders.

In this case study, we will explore how our development team created a randomiser filter for social media to support our April Fool’s Day marketing campaign!


Neal at Eon Visual Media



Matt Mopping

Aims & Objectives

At the start of this project, the marketing team at Eon Visual Media assembled to discuss the overall aims and objectives for this campaign and brainstorm various creative ideas for April Fool’s Day.

From here, our team concluded that our campaign would centralise around developing a randomiser filter for social media, which would reassign and allocate new job roles to our team. To help support this campaign, our marketing team would also produce a fake press release announcing this change in the company and include various videos of our team using our brand-new randomiser filter.

Following the recent success in developing a social media filter for the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign, our team saw this as another opportunity to flare our creative muscles and demonstrate the creative potential of social media filters as an effective digital marketing tool.

Development of the April Fool’s Day Randomiser Filter

For the design of our April Fool’s Day randomiser filter, our graphic design team utilised Eon Visual Medias’ branding to create a variety of different banners, each displaying a different job role at the company. For developing the randomiser filter, Spark AR was chosen as this would allow the filters to be accessible for our team on Facebook, and Instagram. To bring the filter to life, the exported assets were imported and converted into Materials and Textures. With our social media filter ready, our development team proceeded to publish these on the Spark AR Hub.



Fake Press Release & Video

To help showcase our brand-new job randomiser filter, our marketing team developed a short video which would feature staff from Eon Visual Media using our job randomiser filter. Recorded on a smartphone, our video would feature a variety of staff using the job randomise filter, and then showcase the team pretending to work in their new job role.

In addition to this video, our marketing team also produced a fake press release article which was published on the Eon Visual Media website and various social media channels on the morning of April Fool’s Day (1st April 2022). You can read our fake press release article here and see our job randomiser in action in our video here!


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Using Filter

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