Creating a Spooktacular Halloween Campaign!



We love our seasonal campaigns at Eon Visual Media! Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day, our team love showing off their skills and producing creative marketing content to help celebrate the season! With this, our marketing team wanted to go all out in 2021 and develop a spooky marketing campaign for Halloween. The aim of this project was to create an entertaining marketing campaign and show off our creative videography services! With our team rapidly expanding throughout the year, we also wanted to introduce our stakeholders to our newest members of staff.

In this case study, we will explore how our team designed, developed, and executed our creative Halloween campaign.

Welcme to the Pack - Halloween Campaign


Eon Visual Media Logo on Glass


In preparation for this project, our creative team had various discussions to develop an effective marketing strategy and efficiently plan all visual assets. From here, it was agreed that our team would produce a mockumentary style video, which would be released in the week leading up to Halloween. In addition to this sketch, our team would also produce a short teaser video, as well as additional micro content to support the main video.


The production and development of our Halloween campaign was overseen by our videographer Dawid Poniatowski. With this, Dawid developed a script and story board for our video, and effectively planned the various filming techniques that would feature in our short film.

The premise for our video production was to capture behind-the-scenes footage as we inducted a famous Halloween Werewolf character as a new member of staff at Eon Visual Media. Our video would take inspiration from popular mockumentary style sitcoms such as The Office (US) and Parks and Recreation, as well as classic 1980’s fantasy films such as Teen Wolf and Footloose. Additionally, our video would feature our newest members staff, and act as an opportunity to introduce viewers to our team.


Welcome to the Pack

Filming Welcome to the Pack


For our video production, we recruited local musician and actor Louis Kyriacou (Lu Ku) to play our lead Werewolf character. Filming took place in early October at our office headquarters in Hull. For capturing footage inside our office, this was mostly filmed with a dual-camera setup in a cinéma verité style, a style of footage which has commonly been used in popular mockumentary style sitcoms. To help support the narrative of our story, our videography team utilised specific camera equipment and techniques to help emphasise the personality of different characters.

For example, our team utilised a gimbal to capture smooth footage of our Werewolf character when he made his debut on screen. By capturing smooth footage, this helped to emphasise his smooth, popular, and cool persona. Furthermore, our crew would use a shoulder rig to capture shots of Pete. Using this technique added some shakiness to the footage and helped the emphasise how uneasy and stressed Pete’s character was around the Werewolf.

Our videography team also captured talking-head style interviews where our staff would speak one-on-one with the camera crew. This technique has become incredibly popular in mockumentary style films due its use in sitcoms such as The Office and Modern Family.

Peter English

Our videography team captured a diverse range of stunning visuals from across the entire business premises, including our offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, warehouse, and the outdoor business grounds. By combining all these different shots, we were able to produce a high-quality video which allowed viewers a first-person perspective view within our office.

After capturing all the required video shots, our videography team then began to edit all this footage into a variety of different video productions.


In addition to capturing film footage for our video production, our team also wanted to develop a range of bespoke animations which would feature at the beginning and end of our Halloween films. These animations were developed by our new Graphic Designer Will Marshall who took heavy inspiration from vapour wave design, a genre which was commonly featured in 1980’s pop culture films such as Blade Runner and Tron.

Our Halloween animations can be seen here! 👉

Halloween Teaser

The fist video our team edited was the short teaser video, which would be released prior to our main Halloween video production. During the editing process, our videography team took inspiration from teaser style videos used by sports clubs when releasing new team kits. With this, our team included a variety of extreme close-up shots of our Werewolf character but ensured that we kept his identity a secret until the release of our full video.

Our Halloween teaser video can be seen here! 👈

Mockumentary Video

After reviewing all the captured video footage, our team combined this with our opening and closing animations and edited all this all into a final video production. With this, our Marketing team produced a supporting blog for the Halloween campaign and incorporated the full mockumentary video. Our supporting blog piece can be viewed here, and our full Halloween production video can be seen here! 👉

Social Media Graphics

To support the launch of our campaign, our Graphic Designer Will created a brand-new Halloween themed profile picture and banner for our various social media accounts. Will was able to utilise the branding and imagery which he had created whilst designing the opening and closing animation for our mockumentary video as well as photographs of our Werewolf from our film shoot. Doing all of this allowed our new social media graphics to keep on brand with the overall marketing campaign.

Promotional Videos

As well as releasing the full mockumentary video, our team created a series of microcontent, which consisted of short promotional videos. These short videos were uploaded daily onto our various social media platforms to help promote our full mockumentary video, and our Halloween campaign.

As playback on videos varies across different social media platforms,  our team ensured that the aspect ratio of each video was adapt the video so that the format would be more suitable for our target audiences. With this, our team developed alternative videos in a square (1:1) ratio, as well as a portrait (16:9) ratio, so our video content could be easily viewed across our various social media platforms.

An example of one of our social media videos can be seen here!  👉






Welcome to the Pack Behind the Scenes


Within the first week of the release of our campaign, our videos managed to achieve over 50,000 impressions and 10,000 views across our social media platforms. Furthermore, our Halloween campaign managed to showcase our creativity and attract many new visitors to our website. According to Jack Milson,

“Our Halloween campaign has allowed us to showcase the amazing creative talent of our newest members of staff. The feedback we have had from our stakeholders has been brilliant, and I’m incredibly proud of what our team has managed to produce, and I can’t wait to see what the guys produce next!”

Jack Milson – Creative Lead


At Eon Visual Media, our friendly team of creators can collaborate with you to develop a professional and high-quality video production for your next Halloween campaign!  With our expertise, our creative team can help to develop an entertaining and engaging Halloween campaign and help your business stand out next Halloween!

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"Our Halloween campaign has allowed us to showcase the amazing creative talent of our newest members of staff. The feedback we have had from our stakeholders has been brilliant, and I’m incredibly proud of what our team has managed to produce, and I can’t wait to see what the guys produce next!"

Jack Milson – Creative Lead