Eon’s Creative Christmas – Part 1.


We love our seasonal campaigns here at Eon Visual Media! Whether it’s HalloweenEaster or Valentine’s Day, our team love showing off their creative ideas and producing creative content to celebrate the season! With this, we decided to go all out this festive season and celebrate Eon’s Creative Christmas!

A few weeks ago, we tasked ten of our creative staff to create a stand-alone piece of creative micro-content addressing the brief… “What does Christmas mean to me?” This December, we have begun sharing a variety of Creative Christmas ideas, featuring graphicsanimationsvideos, and 3D designs, all of which have been designed by our creative team here at Eon Visual Media! You can check out our first five pieces of festive content below!

Day 1. Clare Arnold

For our first day, our Creator Clare Arnold has designed two graphics which are heavily inspired by 1950’s aesthetic!

“For me personally, Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. Whether it’s delivering gifts, Christmas dinner with family or a few festive cocktails with friends. I’m a huge fan of 1950’s aesthetic, I thought creating my design in a mid-century atomic style would be a great way to highlight this. I love the block shapes and bold use of colour in this style. Artists like Shag, Marcel Bontempi and Chris Sick are a few of my favourites in this genre.  

To create the design, I gathered inspiration online of vintage baubles, retro colour palettes and vintage/retro inspired designs. I then set to work creating all the elements in Adobe Illustrator, before finally adding a texture overlay to try and create a vintage feel to the design. The truck idea came from mine and my partners 1950’s Chevrolet truck, although it’s not red! The martini glass idea came from my love for making and of course drinking cocktails!”

Family Visits Graphic
Festive Cheers Graphic
Clare - Creative Christmas

Day 2. Jack Milson

On day two, our Creative Lead Jack Milson designed a graphic inspired by festive memories of his grandma.

“Christmas is all about family to me. This design is in memory of my gran who passed a few Christmases ago. Christmas was her favourite time of year, and she would often give the weirdest, most random gifts. The background also pays homage to trash Christmas wrapping paper!”

Merry Christmas Graphic
Jack - Creative Christmas

Day 3. Will Marshall

For our third day, our Designer & Animator Will Marshall created an animated Christmas Card showcasing his Christmas Eve traditions.

“For me, Christmas means overall celebration, lifting people’s moods and spending time with family and friends. My design is inspired by my favourite feeling – the excitement of Christmas Eve! I usually end up going out with friends and celebrating right into Christmas day!”

Will - Creative Christmas

Day 4. Jade Hamilton

On Day four, our Sales & Marketing Executive Jade Hamilton created a festive graphic which reflects her typical hectic and entertaining Christmas!

“Christmas is my favourite time of the year! I absolutely love everything about it from putting my trees up, playing cheesy Christmas music, feasting on festive food, buying presents for others, and enjoying Christmas banter with family and friends! For my design, I wanted to create something that is chaotic and fun, just like how Christmas is for me!”

Merry Xmas Graphic
Jade - Creative Christmas

Day 5. Will Garman

To end our first week, our Senior Designer & Animator Will Garman created a short animation explaining how his Christmas has changed since becoming a father.

“I originally wanted to create something which would represent a nostalgia trip, about waking up as a kid and charging downstairs to open presents. However, upon reflection this felt hollow, and not really what’s important to me anymore.

After starting a family in 2020 and having a pretty middling festive period last year, I wanted to create something that is truly important to me and reflects the important changes I’ve been through as a father. My animation now tells a story of how my perspective of Christmas has changed from being a time about receiving presents – to now a time that’s about the joy I can give to my family.”

Will - Creative Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you?

We will be sharing more of our Creative Christmas ideas across our various social media platforms! We are so excited to share what our team have created, so please make sure you subscribe to our social media channels and check out our website so you don’t miss any of our creative Christmas content!

We would also love to know what Christmas means to you! Leave your Creative Christmas ideas in the comments section below!

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