Eon EastAR Augmented Reality



After a gloomy 12 months of self-isolation, we wanted to go all-out and celebrate Easter our way! That’s why we decided to design and develop our very own augmented reality experience, which would encourage users to go outside and engage with our virtual Easter egg experience.


Our Augmented Reality Experience

Our augmented reality experience allowed users to engage and interact with an Eon EastAR egg and hide this within the real-world environment! Furthermore, our augmented reality experience was easy to access via a weblink (click here!) on your smart device, and it didn’t even require any third-party app downloads.

EastAR Competition!

With the augmented reality experience ready, we then launched our very own EastAR Egg competition! We asked the public to find funny, creative and inspiring hiding spots for our augmented reality Eon EastAR Egg and the public did not disappoint! Throughout the Easter period, we received countless photo entries of our EastAR egg hidden across the UK.


After the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, we went through all of the photo entries, and declared Chris Williams the overall winner of our competition! Chris had submitted an amazing photo of our Eon EastAR egg at the top of Mount Airy in the Yorkshire Wolds.


However, we were so overwhelmed with photos, we also announced two runners up. Our runners up Ang May and Joe Clutterbrook had also submitted two fantastic photos of our Eon EastAR Egg!


Looking back, we were really happy with how our EastAR augmented reality worked, and it was great to see so many people engaging with the experience.


Due to the high levels of user interaction and engagement, we firmly believe that augmented reality is an incredibly effective way to promote your brand, products and services whilst also creating a memorable user experience.


At Eon Visual Media, our friendly team of developers can collaborate with you to develop an awe-inspiring Augmented Reality experience that will create an engaging experience for customers and have a tremendous impact on your brand.


Want to find out more? Drop us a message or email us at hello@eon-media.com and let’s get creative!

"72% of augmented reality users said they purchased products they didn’t plan to buy, because of Augmented Reality"

Nadia Kovach 2021