Eon Visual Media Celebrates Record Year of Expansion!


There’s no doubt about it! For most businesses, the past two years have been incredibly challenging, and the global pandemic has significantly impacted the way in which we all work. However, despite the many trials and tribulations caused by the global pandemic, Eon Visual Media has managed to achieve significant growth throughout the first half of the 2021-2022 financial year and has so far seen an overall increase of 28% in revenue (compared to 2019-2020).

In this blog, we are looking back at the past 12 months at Eon Visual Media and exploring how our team overcame the many challenges caused by the pandemic, by increasing our range of services, adding new facilities, expanding our team, and adopting an innovative and flexible approach to working.

Eon Visual Media's Office

Updated Services & Facilities

During the well documented struggles of 2020 where many businesses were forced to stay at home or even shut down completely, our management team made pro-active decisions to adapt our day-to-day operations at Eon Visual Media as well as modify some of our services. Doing this allowed our team to thrive throughout the pandemic whilst also offering innovative digital solutions to assist businesses across the UK. Over the past 12 months, we have continued to reap the benefits of this new approach as seen below.

Live Streaming

One of the ways in which we adapted, was by re-evaluating and effectively promoting our livestreaming and webinar services. Due to the UK lockdown causing the events and networking industry to temporarily collapse, our team was able to help businesses continue to run virtual online events and networking opportunities. By coordinating live broadcasts, this also allowed our clients to reach a much larger online audience across the globe. Throughout 2021, our videography team utilised livestreaming to assist with many online and hybrid-events including The Business Day, East Yorkshire Council AGM, The Waterline Summit, Humber Business Week, and Tech Week Humber. Whilst we are now beginning to see the world return to normality, we still believe that we will continue to see high demand for our virtual and hybrid events.

Livestreaming EVents

The Basement

In addition to expanding our videography services, our team also upgraded our facilities by constructing a brand-new studio space at our business headquarters in Hull. The Basement is a brand-new purpose-built studio space equipped with the latest camera and lighting technology, offering premium facilities for your next videography and photography project. The Basement also features a spacious production suite with ample storage and comfortable seating for our clients. With our creative videography team on hand, The Basement will help us to continue producing high-quality content such as podcasts, vlogs and webinars for our clients as well as a plethora of new internal marketing content. Watch out for more updates on The Basement really soon!

The Basement - Eon Visual Media

Meet the Newbies!

As well as updating our services and facilities, we have also expanded our team over the past twelve months and have recruited five new members of staff across our various creative services.

Will Garman

Back in January, we welcomed back a familiar face to Eon Visual Media! Having worked as an in-house creative for various global companies, Will Garman re-joined Eon Visual Media as Graphic Designer and Animator. Since re-joining the team, Will has demonstrated his creative talents by developing an Augmented Reality experience for Welland Medical, and creating an animation for Hull Kingston Rovers! By sharing his expertise, Will has also helped to mentor and provided guidance to our newest graphic designers.

Will - Graphic Designer and Animator

Pete English

Back in March, we expanded our Sales & Marketing team and welcomed Pete English to Eon Visual Media. Since joining the team, Pete has been responsible for developing our new digital marketing strategy and growing our online presence. Pete has demonstrated his digital talents by creating a range of digital content for our website and social media channels, as well as showcasing his hosting talents in our latest series of Eon Talks!

Pete English and Will Garman

Will Marshall

With our new digital marketing strategy in place, we soon began to see a significant increase in our demand for high-quality animations and graphics. With this new surge in demand, we recruited Will Marshall to the team! After graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Will had cut his teeth working as a freelance illustrator and a Junior Graphic Design Intern for various brands and businesses across the UK. Since joining Eon Visual Media, Will has flexed his creative muscles across a variety of projects by creating various graphics and animations.

Will Marshall and Jonny Saxton

Sebastian Molloy

As our demand for graphics continued to grow, we also began to see an increase in the demand for high quality Mode of Action (MOA) Animations and Augmented Reality experiences. With this new surge in demand, we recruited Sebastian Molloy to our 3D team in June! Currently working on his placement year from the University of Hull, Seb is an incredibly talented Games and Entertainment designer who has a vast experience working with design tools including After Effects, Media Encoder, Blender and Substance Painter. With these tools, Seb has helped to produce a plethora of 3D designs and animations for a variety of our clients.

Eon Visual Media Family Out To Eat

Dawid Poniatowski

After incorporating live streaming to our list of services, we saw a huge boom in the demand for our videography services and live broadcasting at events and conferences. With this, we expanded our team back in August and welcomed Dawid Poniatowski to Eon Visual Media. Dawid joined the videography crew after studying filmography in Perth Australia and working as a broadcaster and freelance videographer across the globe! Since joining the team, Dawid has demonstrated his creativity by capturing gorgeous footage at various events, as well as overseeing additional video projects (including our spooky Halloween campaign!)

Dawid Filming for Halloween

Meet the Dream Team – Sales & Marketing

With a whole bunch of new creative staff joining Eon Visual Media, this allowed us to restructure and adjust the roles and responsibilities of our veteran staff and create a brand-new dedicated Sales and Marketing Team. Overseen by Farouk Forster (Marketing Manager), our new Sales & Marketing team consists of Pete English (Digital Marketing Executive) and Jade Hamilton (Sales & Marketing Executive). Earlier this year, the team expanded even further as we welcomed back Lotty Briggs from maternity leave into her new role of Head of Partnerships. With a dream team assembled, we have continued to effectively build connections with new clients whilst also continuing to develop our relationship with longstanding and current stakeholders.

Eon Gets Flexible!

In addition to expanding our team, we have also embraced a new flexible work approach, allowing our staff to continue working from home or at our main business headquarters in Hull. By embracing new collaborative tools, this has allowed many of our staff to achieve life changing decisions and move away from the East Riding of Yorkshire. Despite adopting a drastically new approach to working, this flexibility has allowed our team to continue working effectively on a plethora of new projects, and collaborate with some of the biggest brands, companies, and events across the region including Hull Kingston Rovers, Hull City FC, Arco, Welland Medical, JZ Flowers, The Business Day, Engweld, and Tech Week Humber. You can read more about some of our recent projects here!

Flexible Working

Moving Forward!

In response to our record year of expansion, James Cherry, Head of Eon Visual Media noted:

“Over the past year, there have been various challenges we have faced due to the global pandemic. However, I am delighted that we have overcome these obstacles and managed to expand our team at Eon Visual Media across our different services. As the world begins to return to normality, we can’t wait to get out there and showcase more of our work from our incredibly talented team and move forward with this new chapter in the history of Eon Visual Media.”  

With this abundance of new faces, plus new facilities and adapted services, Eon Visual Media is on course for continued success in 2022, working with a variety of stakeholders on an ever-growing list of creative projects.

James Cherry

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Eon Visual Media Family in the Office

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