A Day in the Life Induction Video for Arco’s Brand New Blackfriargate Office!



Last year, Eon Visual Media were recruited by safety experts Arco to produce a series of visual assets to help engage colleagues with the facilities offered by their brand-new £16m Blackfriargate office development.

Based in Hull, Arco are the UK’s leading distributor of safety products and services, with a core purpose of keeping people safe at work. After recently moving away from three locations in the city including their old offices on Waverley Street, the business has now relocated to the picturesque location of Blackfriargate in the Fruit Market area of Hull city centre. The aim for this project was to produce a day in the life video induction video which would help bring the new office to life virtually for 600+ Arco colleagues, most of whom were working flexibly and from home.

Arco Building

Arco Building Sign

What We Did

In preparation for this project, our creative team liaised with Arco to create a strategy and efficiently plan all visual assets in line with COVID restrictions. From here, it was agreed that Eon Visual Media would produce a video which would help Arco colleagues imagine what a working day in the new office might look like and the facilities they might enjoy when they’re there.

Day in the Life Induction Video

The first video we produced was an induction video for colleagues working at the new office location at Blackfriargate. The premise for this induction video was to provide a first-person perspective experience of travelling to the new Arco office and showcasing the many new building facilities. Furthermore, this video project would allow our team to utilise innovative camera equipment including a head mounted camera a hand-held gimbal to capture stunning and unique shots.

With this, our creative team reviewed the project brief and developed a storyboard which would address the overall objectives of this project. After gaining approval on this storyboard from Arco, our videography team travelled to Hull city centre to begin filming.

Filming an Induction Video for Arco

Hull Marina

At the start of our video, we wanted to showcase the scenic journey from Hull Paragon Station to the new office, to help Arco colleagues see how easy it is to get there without a car. To do this, our videography team utilised a head mounted camera and a hand-held gimbal to capture the journey on foot through Hull city centre to the new Arco offices using a time-lapse shot. This route highlighted some of Hull’s picturesque landmarks including The Three Ships Mural, Hull City Hall, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Ferens Art Gallery, Murdoch’s Connection foot and cycling bridge, Hull Marina and Humber Street. By utilising a head-mounted camera and hand-held gimbal, this allowed viewers to experience the picturesque journey to work from a first-person perspective.

After capturing this journey, our team continued to utilise our head-mounted camera and hand-held gimbal to capture additional first-person perspective footage from the inside of the offices. With this, our videography team continued using our head mounted camera to capture more footage of the many facilities in the new building including the atrium reception area, “The Hub” coffee shop, the office facilities (including regular, sit-stand and quiet desks, balcony, kitchens, and storage), the games room, and the collaboration spaces and presentation areas. As well as utilising our head mounted camera, our videography team also captured a plethora of close and wide-angled shots using high-quality camera equipment. By combining all these different camera angles, we were able to produce a high-quality induction video which allowed viewers to have a first-person perspective view of the new Arco office, whilst also observing all the building facilities in high levels of detail.

Arco Building Enterance

David Evison

Welcome Video with David Evison

In addition to creating the day in the life video as part of a wider virtual induction, our team also created an additional video of Managing Director David Evison, designed to give a warm and friendly welcome to colleagues arriving at Arco for socially distanced site inductions on days when David wouldn’t be available to greet them in person.

In this interview David explains how the office was designed to be a bright and airy space, with plenty of areas for staff to collaborate and work together. David also explains how he wants all staff to consider their own wellbeing, reflect on how they can work differently, and think about how they can demonstrate their expertise in health and safety.

In addition to the interview footage, our video also includes a variety of additional film footage which our videography team captured of the interior of the new Arco office, and its facilities. Furthermore, our graphic design and animation team also created a range of bespoke animations which feature throughout this video. These animations include an opening Arco branding animation, a clock counting down the start of the video, and name and title graphics. Furthermore, our video was formatted so that I would fit Arco’s uniquely shaped video wall of digital screens in the main reception area.

Arco Video Wall

The Deep


After creating these two videos for Arco, these visual assets were incredibly well received.

Jacky Hey, Arco’s People Director and Project Lead for non-construction activities for Arco’s move to Blackfriargate, said,

“Using video was a great way to help bring the building to life for our colleagues, particularly with some COVID restrictions still being in place. We’ve been delighted with the results and feedback from our colleagues has been tremendous.”


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Arco Building

"Using video was a great way to help bring the building to life for our colleagues, particularly with some COVID restrictions still being in place. We’ve been delighted with the results and feedback from our colleagues has been tremendous"

Jacky Hey