Eon’s Creative Christmas – Part 2.


We love our seasonal campaigns here at Eon Visual Media! Whether it’s HalloweenEaster or Valentine’s Day, our team love showing off their creative skills and producing creative content to celebrate the season! With this, we decided to go all out this and celebrate Eon’s Creative Christmas!

A few weeks ago, we tasked ten of our creative staff to create a stand-alone piece of creative micro-content addressing the brief… “What does Christmas mean to me?” This December, we have begun sharing a variety of mixed Christmas content, featuring graphicsanimationsvideos, and 3D designs, all of which have been designed by our creative team here at Eon Visual Media!

In our previous blog, we began to explore the first pieces of Christmas content which had been created by Clare Arnold, Jack Milson, Will Marshall, Jade Hamilton, and Will Garman. You can check out our remaining five pieces of festive content below!

Day 6. Seb Molloy

For our sixth day, our Designer Seb Molloy designed an animated 3D model, showcasing his love of Christmas pudding!

“For my festive asset, I created a 3D model of Christmas pudding! A Christmas pud is usually the centrepiece on the table when my family has Christmas Dinner. To me, it makes me think of getting together, spending time with my family, digging into good food, and being surrounded with good company. I think this humble dessert sums up what I believe Christmas is all about.”

Seb Molloy

Day 7. Jon Adlard

On day seven, our videographer Jon Adlard created a video highlighting his recent trip to New York City!

“Earlier this month, my wife and I visited to New York for a short getaway! New York is one of our favourite cities in the world to visit – especially this time of year leading up to Christmas! Nothing quite compares to seeing all the festive decorations and lights throughout the city!”

Jon Adlard

Day 8. Lotty Briggs

For our eighth day, our Head of Partnerships Lotty Briggs created a short stop-motion film featuring a cheeky festive elf!

“Christmas has always been about family for me, but another huge part of what makes Christmas so special is the pure magic. Now that I have my own tiny humans with big imaginations, I absolutely love bringing the magic to life for them and seeing their little faces light up. Meet Pixie, our resident cheeky elf!”

Lotty Briggs

Day 9. Dawid Poniatowski

For our ninth day, our videographer Dawid Poniatowski created a festive film showcasing what Christmas means to him!

“After being asked the question of what Christmas means to me, I was stuck to answer it, even to myself! I had to look back through old hard drives to remember what it was like, and it was then that I remembered it is all about family, being together every year at my grandma’s house. As we got older, me and my siblings moved ridiculously far away from home and Christmas was never the same. For me, travelling has now taken over and Christmas is about looking back at the previous year and planning what I can do next year.”

Dawid Poniatowski

Day 10. Jonny Saxton

For our final day, our Videographer Jonny Saxton created a short slideshow showcasing what Christmas means to him and his partner.

“I love this time of year, mainly as it’s when me and my partner tend to head off for days out or weekends away with the dog. Keeping it Yorkshire, we regularly head off to places like Staithes, Whitby, Skipton and everywhere else in-between the Yorkshire Dales. Snowy and frosty days out over summer days every single time!”

Jonny Saxton

Thank you!

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing all our creative Christmas content during this festive period! You can see our first five pieces of festive content in our blog here! Make sure you subscribe to our social media channels and check out our website so you can keep up to date with what our creative team at Eon visual Media are currently working on in the new year!

Eon's Creative Christmas

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