Eon’s Easter Graphic Design Challenge!


Eon’s Easter Graphic Design Challenge!

We love our seasonal campaigns here at Eon Visual Media! Whether it’s HalloweenChristmas, or Valentine’s Day, our team love showing off their creative ideas and producing creative content to celebrate the season! With this, we decided to go all out this festive season and task our team with an Egg-citing Easter graphic design challenge!

The Challenge!

A few weeks ago, our Sales and Marketing team were reminiscing about the ‘decorate your egg’ competitions we used to do in school around Easter. Following this, we tasked our design team to use their creative graphic design skills to decorate the very boring image of an egg below in any way they desired. With no restrictions, our graphic design team were free to utilise any theme, inspiration, or idea they desired! The only rule… the team had a time limit of only two hours to complete their design! You can check out our Easter Egg designs below!

Easter Egg Temmplate

Clare Arnold

Clare's Easter Egg Design

The inspiration for my design was literally a ‘coffee mug’ moment! I was trying to think of ideas for my egg design. I went to get a coffee and saw the traditional tattoo art design on my coffee mug.  I thought it would be great to use traditional tattoo art influences like Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy to create an Easter egg design using bold lines & bright colours.  

Jade Hamilton

Jade's Easter Egg Design

When I was tasked to create an Easter Egg, I had one idea in mind – Pixar! I’m a huge Disney and Pixar fan and I thought I can’t just choose one character, so I decided to create 6 eggs! The 6 designs are some of my favourite Pixar films and/or characters! Can you guess which films they’re all from?

Will Marshall

Will's Easter Egg Design

I’m a huge fan of comic books, so my design was focused around creating an Easter Bunny character who wouldn’t look out of place in a graphic novel! I took inspiration from Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit film and used Eon Visual Media’s brand colour guidelines to make the design stand out more and look more modern. 

Abbie Malton

Abbie's Easter Egg Design

A lot of inspiration for my design work comes from nature, so I wanted to incorporate a floral style design into the design. I’m also a huge fan of 60’s style psychedelic graphics, so I wanted to merge these two concepts into my final egg design.


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From all of us at Eon Visual Media, we hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

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