Lotty’s Time at Eon!


All good chapters come to an end, and unfortunately for us, that chapter is Lotty’s time at Eon! She’s embarking on a new journey and we wish her the best of luck!

Let’s look back at Lotty’s journey at Eon over the years, and take a look at some throwback pictures…

Eon Family at Christmas

What was it like for you when you first started?

The week I started at Eon (Dec 2008) it was the annual Christmas night out … I didn’t attend but came into work on the Monday to some very ‘interesting’ stories and some new nicknames for the team. Luckily I had a year to prepare myself for the next one! (Which involved a lift home in an ambulance for one of the lads…)


Do you remember any of your first shoots or projects?

Yes! I seem to remember all the bad bits but I think it’s fair to say, that’s how we learn. One of the first shoots I had to attend, I locked my car keys in the boot of my Nissan Micra… along with all the video kit! Not a great start… 

One of the first pitches I had to do was for some video work on Bransholme. I was told I’d get eaten alive by the residents which I’ve never forgotten. I vowed to be more confident from that moment.  

Lotty Interviewing at Stadium

Have you met any famous people through the years?

Definitely… in a job like this, you meet all manner of people! In my second month working for Eon, our cameraman and I headed to the University of Hull for the winter graduation ceremony. I was tasked with interviewing Booker Prize-winning novelist Ian McEwan, CBE and fashion designer, Bruce Oldfield, OBE. I was ridiculously nervous but faced the fear and it went really well. First of many, many interviews for me! 

I also met and interviewed Olly Murs, when we filmed part of his visit to Hull Kingston Rovers. Oh, and physicist Brian Cox at The Business Day!

Lotty and Olly Murs

If we were to ask for a list of some of your most favourite memories, which would make the cut?

You’re asking a lot there…14 years of memories! Over the years I have been involved in so many amazing projects and had the privilege to meet, interview and work with so many inspiring people, I actually don’t think I could remember them all, let alone choose a favourite, but there’s definitely some memorable ones…

Lotty Interviewing
Promo Filming with Kristian Nairn
  • Shooting a TV ad in Liverpool for The Stoneacre Group and leaving with a new car.
  • Being nominated for ‘Best Viral’ at the IVCA Awards in 2011
  • Being pulled over walls and dragged through mud by colleagues during Tough Mudder 2017
  • Being invited to be part of the judging panel on the annual International Visual Communication Association Awards; “the world’s largest and most prestigious corporate communication awards” (IVCA CEO, Marco Forgione).
Tough Mudder 2017

People often ask what has been the best job to work on since I’ve been at Eon, which I find really tough! Call me crazy but some of the most interesting jobs for me have been filming in factories! Be that chocolate, wool, toilets, labels, boilers, medicines or packaging… I’m a massive nerd when it comes to a production line, they absolutely fascinate me!

It goes without saying that we’ll all miss Lotty, clients included! We hope she’ll be a familiar face and pop in every now and again for a chat. We wish her the best of luck in her new role and hope the new adventure brings a wealth of happiness and success!

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