Character Animation Design for PhD Nutrition’s SmartBar™




We recently shot campaign video for PhD Nutrition, a leading supplements and sports nutrition company. As well as filming, we assisted with planning, storyboarding and scripting of the campaign for PhD Nutrition- market leaders in high protein, low sugar nutrition products.

They came to us with a vision of their White Choc Blondie Smart Bar™ coming to life in a campaign that showed off the irresistible nature of the product’s benefits and taste.


#BlondieGains Advert

Setting the Scene…

The scene was set at the dining room table where during a romantic meal, a blonde bombshell just can’t get enough of who, or rather what is sat in front of her; the White Choc Blondie Smart Bar! Along with directing the shoot, Eon Visual Media also worked closely with the 3D Facility team to ensure the ‘SmartBar’ character animation fit seamlessly. The campaign video has amassed over 60,000 views across social media channels now and growing!

Watch the video to see whether she gets the guy, or her ‘gains’!