Live Streaming the East Riding of Yorkshire Council AGM Event!



In May 2021, our videography team were recruited to film and deliver live video coverage of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The venue for this meeting was The Spa in Bridlington, and the overall purpose of the event was for the East Riding Council cabinet to elect a new leader for the council, as well as selecting a new deputy leader, and chair.

For this meeting, our videography team were responsible for setting up and delivering a professional and high-quality video live stream of the event, which could then be accessed and viewed via YouTube.


East Riding of Yorkshire Council AGM Event

Photo: Mark Lonsdale

East Riding of Yorkshire Council AGM Event

Photo: Mark Lonsdale

What We Did

As part of our set up, our videography team used a variety of professional video equipment to capture high-quality footage of the meeting. Furthermore, the live stream contained a diverse range of different camera angles including wide-angle-lensed shots, close ups and long and medium shots.

Our videography team also ensured that live video stream included live editing elements such as title cards for the meeting breaks and ensuring that speakers at the event were audible.

To see our live stream of this event, please check out the video here!


Due to the subsequent effects of the recent global pandemic and UK lockdown, we firmly believe that we will see an overall increase in the number of live streamed events and meetings. Furthermore, we believe that there are many benefits of running a live stream of your event and/or meeting.

For instance, a live video stream has the ability to reach a much larger online audience. Additionally, research suggests that 30% of people who watch a livestream of an event will attend the same event in person the following year. Furthermore, once an event has been live-streamed, this video footage can then be archived and viewed again and used for future digital marketing activities.

At Eon Visual Media, our friendly team of videographers can collaborate with you to provide a professional and high-quality live stream for your next meeting or event, which will create an entertaining and engaging experience for stakeholders.

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Live Stream of East Riding of Yorkshire Council AGM Event

"67% of audiences who watch a live stream event will purchase a ticket to a similar event."

Caroline Golum