Meet the Eon Visual Media Videography Team!


You might not know it, but at Eon Visual Media, we have a 2-man videography team who create high-quality, creative videos for internal projects and for clients. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to create and edit innovative videos!

We spoke to Jonny and Dawid…read below to find out more about the team creating your videos!

What do you enjoy most about your job?


The variation – I’ve been able to work in some cool places like Wembley and also abroad in major cities. Also getting to work with well known people is really cool!


Mostly being able to do what I love, which is being able to tell stories through visual content. The other enjoyable part is being able to access locations and places an ordinary person cannot such as lab settings and on production lines!

What inspired you to become a videographer?


It was one of those feelings you have as a kid where you think ‘I have to do this in the future’. Growing up watching movies and having passions for creating and being so eager to learn the craft.

What types of videography projects are you most passionate about? Do you have any favourites?


I really enjoy filming instructional videos. Most of the time these are products not yet released on the market so it’s fun to see and work with these before anyone else.

Hull KR at Wembley in 2015 was great. We filmed both the semi final in Leeds and then headed down to the final at Wembley. I’ve also enjoyed being able to film in Amsterdam, Vienna and Munich to name but a few. A little bit of sightseeing alongside work!


I love being a part of creative based projects. The excitement of creative juices flowing through hearing the initial idea, working in a team with other professionals and creating a strong workforce can create some amazing things.

Most recently I really enjoyed going to Hull Uni to teach and inspire children about the art of filmmaking. The sheer excitement I saw on their faces fueled my excitement for passing on knowledge. In addition to that any charity based projects in which you can chat to people, hear their stories, capture them and help in bringing awareness to certain disabilities are really great to be involved in!

Is there a specific videographer who inspires your work?


I believe in taking inspiration from others, adapting their techniques and making your own adaptations/art in a way. Specific people who inspire me to be more creative and show my true colours through video based work have got to be Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorcese + few social media based icons such as Jesse Wellens.

What do you hope clients take away from working with you at Eon Visual Media? What makes you unique?


I think we’re very friendly, open minded and totally driven to ensuring we deliver (and exceed) expectations – the feedback we’ve have had in the past has proven this!


As Jonny said, we are friendly and open minded people. We’re very approachable and I want clients to know that if they come to us with a problem we will always find a solution. I wish for clients to know that through out work you can come to us with a small idea which we can then expand on and make it into reality. Throughout our whole team, we are professionals who love what we do which will always push us to create amazing final products. Client satisfaction is something that is very important to us!

Get in touch and let Jonny and Dawid work their magic and bring your video idea to life! We create inspiring digital content and hopefully you’re our next happy client!

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