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In 2020, Eon Visual Media were recruited to film and deliver live video coverage of The Business Day event, which took place during June 2021. The Business Day is an annual networking event for local businesses to come together and gain insight at the final event of Humber Business Week.

As media production partner for this event, Eon Visual Media were responsible for delivering live video coverage of the event as well as showcasing a series of pre-recorded videos of local businesses operating within the Hull & East Yorkshire Region. The pre-recorded videos were presented throughout magazine show in between live video segments.

JZ Flowers

JZ Flowers Worker

What We Were Asked To Do

So far in our current series of case studies, we have begun to explore all the promotional videos (including Hull Animal Welfare, Bishop BurtonHull 4 HeroesAssociated British Ports, For Entrepreneurs Only, Humber Rescue, and the Daisy Appeal) which we produced for a wide variety of different businesses for The Business Day event. All our promotional videos can be seen here!

In this case study, we will explore a promotional business video which we produced for JZ Flowers International Limited, who are a manufacturer of floral bouquets for UK supermarkets and retailers.

What We Did

In preparation for creating this film project, our videography and creative team liaised with JZ Flowers to efficiently plan the video production. After developing a story board, our videography team travelled to Newport in East Yorkshire to the JZ Flowers headquarters to capture a variety of film footage.

The premise for this video production was to inform viewers on the origins of the business and educate the audience by explaining the journey of a bouquet. This journey was achieved by showcasing a tour of the business premises and facilities, as well as including organic pieces to camera from members of staff at JZ Flowers. Furthermore, our team also wanted to draw emphasis and enlighten viewers on the ethical work carried out by JZ Flowers when collaborating with global suppliers and growers.

Behind the Scenes of the JZ Flowers Promotional Video

Jonny Young

Producing the Video

Throughout the day, our team utilised a plethora of video techniques and equipment to capture a diverse range of stunning visuals from across the entire business premises, including the bouquet design room, chilled warehouse, factory floor and the outdoor business grounds. Additionally, our videography team captured organic pieces to camera featuring members of JZ Flowers staff including Tessa Zwemstra, Katy Stephenson, Jonny Young and Vicky Routledge.

Promotional Video Result

After capturing all the required video shots, our videography team edited all of this into a full stunning video production. In addition to the bespoke footage our team had captured on-site, this video also incorporated additional footage provided by JZ Flowers of their global suppliers and growers.

Our full promotional video for JZ Flowers can be seen here! 👉

Promotional Video for JZ Flowers


At Eon Visual Media, we firmly believe that high-quality video productions are critical for any modern business when developing effective digital marketing strategies.

For example, according to Optinmonster, “93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media” (2019). This is also supported by Dave Chaffey who states that “92% of marketers say that video is at the heart of their marketing strategy” (2020).

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Producing a Promotional Video for JZ Flowers

"92% of marketers say that video is at the heart of their marketing strategy"

Dave Chaffey