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Back in 2020, our team were recruited to film and deliver live video coverage of The Business Day event, which took place during June 2021 at the Bridlington Spa. As media production partner for this event, Eon Visual Media were responsible for delivering live video coverage of the event as well as showcasing a series of pre-recorded videos of local businesses operating within the Hull & East Yorkshire Region.

Hull Animal Welfare Trust


What We Were Asked To Do

So far in our current series of case studies, we have begun to explore all the promotional videos (including JZ FlowersBishop BurtonHull 4 HeroesAssociated British Ports, For Entrepreneurs Only, Humber Rescue, and the Daisy Appeal) which we produced for a wide variety of different businesses for The Business Day event. All our promotional videos can be seen here!

In this case study, we explore the promotional video which we produced for the Hull Animal Welfare Trust, an animal charity based in East Yorkshire which provides shelter and helps to find new homes for rescue cats, dogs, rabbits, and other small animals.

What we did

In preparation for creating this film project, our videography and creative team liaised with the team at Hull Animal Welfare Trust to efficiently plan the video production. After developing a story board, our videography team travelled to the Hull Animal Welfare Trust visitor centre, to capture a plethora of footage.

The premise for this video production was to tell the origin and story of Hull Animal Welfare Trust, as well as the incredible work carried out by volunteers who take care of all the animals and help to find new owners and foster homes through the coordination of fundraising events.

To do this, our videography team captured a variety of behind-the-scenes footage at Hull Animal Welfare Trust visitor centre. Our team utilised a plethora of video techniques and equipment to capture a diverse range of stunning visuals of the visitor centre facilities and the rescue animals in their habitats.

Filming at the Hull Animal Welfare Trust

Our video also featured interviews with some of the key figures and volunteers who work at Hull Animal Welfare Trust. Our videography team captured relaxed interviews featuring Sue Sewell, Shane Foster, and Sue Blood. Our team also captured a home interview with Sarah Clarkin, who had recently adopted Jumble the dog.

After capturing all the required video shots, our videography team edited all of this into a full stunning video production for the Hull Animal Welfare Trust which then premiered at the Business Day event. Our full video production can be seen here! 👈


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Hull Animal Welfare Trust Sign


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"86% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website"

Wyzowl, 2021