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Back in 2020, our team were recruited to film and deliver live video coverage of The Business Day event, which took place during June 2021 at the Bridlington Spa. As media production partner for this event, Eon Visual Media were responsible for delivering live video coverage of the event as well as showcasing a series of pre-recorded videos of local businesses operating within the Hull & East Yorkshire Region.

Bridlington Spa

Ballerina on Rooftop

To help promote our involvement with this event, our marketing team developed a thorough campaign strategy that would allow us to promote the event and highlight the areas in which Eon Visual Media were involved. In this case study, we will explore all the various creative ways in which our marketing team designed and developed visual marketing content to help promote our partnership for The Business Day event.


Teaser Video

To help promote The Business Day event as much as possible, our videography team developed a teaser video which was later shared with the sponsors of the event. This video was later shared online via the Business Day website, as well as by other event sponsors via their websites and social media platforms. The premise for this video was to inform viewers that the event would be taking place in the form of a 3-hour livestream, encourage viewers to attend the online event, and promote the overall event and its content to an online audience.

Bridlington Spa

To do this, our video contained a wide variety of stunning video footage and imagery from previous Business Day events, as well as additional footage of businesses operating across the Hull & East Yorkshire region. The video contained a mix of video footage captured by Eon Visual Media, as well as additional footage which had been provided by other event sponsors. Our videography team also ensured that the video contained animated captions to add a narrative to the overall video, as well as communicate important event information to the viewers. To see our full teaser video, check out our video here 👈

Animated Countdown

In addition to creating the teaser video for The Business Day event, our animation team designed a series of short, animated videos to help count down the days leading up to the event. These short, animated videos where then uploaded and shared across the social media channels of The Business Day event coordinators, Eon Visual Media and other event sponsors and attendees. An example of one of our animated GIFs can be seen here 👉

Video Coverage for Business Day


Case Studies

In addition to the live stream Eon Visual Media also produced a series of short promotional films which featured in between live segments. These short films included video footage and interviews with various companies operating within the Hull & East Yorkshire Region including For Entrepreneurs Only, Humber RescueHull Animal WelfareJZ FlowersBishop BurtonHull 4 HeroesAssociated British Ports, and the Daisy Appeal.

As many of these films were unique and bespoke to each individual business, our marketing team at Eon Visual Media produced individual case studies for each video production. Here, each case study explained the premise of each video, the plethora of camera techniques and equipment used to capture footage, and additional relevant information for creating each film. Once published, each case study was featured on the Eon Visual Media website and shared online across various social media platforms. All our promotional video case studies can be seen here!

Video Footage for Business Day

Live Event Coverage for Business Day

Press Release

As well as producing case studies, our marketing team also wrote and published a full press release which provided a full overview of The Business Day event. The purpose of this was to identify the overall success of the event and highlight the amazing input from all the guest speakers, supporting staff and event sponsors. Furthermore, our press release also included further supporting information such as accessing the full live stream video and announcing the date of next years event. Once published, our press release was featured on the Eon Visual Media website, as well additional local media websites including Hull is This and Business Works Magazine. Check out our full press release for the Business Day event here!

Animated Feedback

In addition to the case studies and press release, our marketing team also wanted to share and promote the positive feedback which Eon Visual Media had received throughout the planning and execution of the event. This feedback had been greatly received from a variety of different individuals including the event co-ordinators, business sponsors and partners.

To help promote this positive feedback, our creative team designed a series of short, animated clips which featured the quoted feedback, as well as additional supporting logos and branding. These clips where then uploaded and shared across the Eon Visual Media social media channels. An example of one of our animated clips can be seen here 👉

Live Event Coverage of Business Day Behind the Scenes


At Eon Visual Media, we firmly believe that high-quality video, animation and copywrite content are incredibly effective methods of promoting your brand, business, products, and services.

At Eon Visual Media, our friendly team can collaborate with you to develop a professional and high-quality visual content to help promote your brand, products, and services. With our expertise, our creative team can help to develop a visually stunning and engaging content helping your business stand out from the competition.

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"To put something like this together can be hugely time consuming and stressful but you coped through it all. Undoubtedly the best virtual event/show I have seen, you should be really proud of what you achieved."

Stephen Parnaby OBE