Canon’s RF VR Lens: A New Perspective


At Eon Visual Media, we are always excited to explore new technologies and innovative opportunities. Our videographers have a keen interest in all aspects of photography and videography, so it’s no surprise that they were eager to test out a new lens as soon as possible. Specifically, they had their hearts set on the new Canon dual fisheye lens (henceforth referred to as the RF VR Lens), which “transforms footage into a truly breathtaking visual experience, immersing you within the environment.”

About The RF VR Lens

We acquired the new RF VR Lens to test out its capabilities. Particularly, how it provides a unique way of watching videos with a 180-degree field of view. This lens works in tandem with the Canon EOSR5 to create a stereoscopic, 180-degree view of the subject being shot. The lens comprises two fish-eye lenses placed side by side, which allows the capturing of both what the left and right eye views. These views are then combined into a single image that is processed by the camera sensor.

Yeah, we are getting geeky with this one…

The camera’s software can detect the RF VR Lens when it is attached and automatically adjusts the settings. The camera also captures the information from the lens, which can be used and modified in an editing program. This eliminates the need for complicated processes like stitching together two different camera clips, making the workflow much simpler and more efficient.

The 180-degree view is created using an editing program that generates a stereoscopic left and right view. However, this view has no practical use on a computer screen. It is only after the video is rendered and uploaded to a supporting platform like YouTube that the real benefits of the technique can be seen. The stereoscopic lens adds a new and interesting layer to the content, making it more engaging for viewers.

What Can The Lens Be Used For?

Where the RF VR Lens shines the most is in VR-capable devices, as they prove a 180-degree view that allows the viewer to move their head around the space. For example, on a phone, using it’s gyro, you can move around and explore the space in which the footage was shot. In addition to this, you can use devices such as the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest 3, and other such headsets to get the full VR effect. The content viewed on a VR device allows for a 2D content shot to become 3D, resulting in a unique immersive experience.

Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE
Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE

How Are We Going To Be Utilising The Lens?

We are currently planning upcoming projects where we can use the lens. For example, we are working on a client project where we will utilise the stereoscopic view to capture content in a 180-degree field of view. Later, this will be stitched together into an ultra-wide view. This content will be specifically designed for a three-projector wide-screen immersive room, where viewers can have a unique experience of watching the content by sitting in the middle, surrounded by the content on all three walls.

We can modify the content to create interesting movements using editing software. By capturing two ultra-wide square views, we can merge them together into a widescreen. Then, utilising special plugins, we can zoom in on the floor and pan up to unveil what was captured in front and above in the sky, which gives an immersive and unique view that is not possible with a standard or anamorphic lens.

RF VR Lens For Recruitment & Training

This lens is not just for the obvious! Recruitment and training can benefit from VR in many ways. For instance, giving a tour of the offices, facilities and machines can be an effective way to onboard new employees and candidates. They can explore these spaces without leaving their current location, which can be really helpful for them to understand the environment they will be working in. Additionally, these tours can act as a day in the life experience, where an employee can be followed while doing their job, showing the candidate what their role will entail.

This technology allows employers to assess a person’s skills and capabilities without any potential risks or safety concerns. The individual can demonstrate their practical skills in a controlled and virtual environment, which saves on costs, time, and travel. Since the VR experience is an immersive video, it can be replayed as many times as needed. Employees and candidates can refresh their memories and test their skills frequently. Employers can also film multiple videos that simulate various scenarios to test different aspects of skills.

There are also benefits in terms of accessibility, allowing those with disabilities the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding outside of a traditional training environment that may not be suitable for their needs.

VR experiences can also be used as an engagement tool in local communities. Picture children at school being guided through a museum full of dinosaurs via a headset. Or charities giving guided tours through their facilities, allowing anxious people the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the space before visiting for the first time. This technology can revolutionise education, entertainment, training and much more!

Want To Know More?

If you are interested in learning more about the RF VR Lens or wish to enquire about our services, get in touch! You can email or call 01482 484850.

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