Does Anyone Remember CD-ROMs?


During the 1990’s and early 2000’s, CD-ROMs were popularly used to distribute software and data, before being replaced by DVDs. CD-ROMs are read-only discs, meaning computers could only read the data and could not write or replace. Lots of companies used CD-ROMs for video content, including Eon Visual Media. Read ahead to hear about some memorable projects from our 20-year history…


Following on from the work with Burger King in 2003, Eon Visual Media secured work with BMW to create a CD-ROM as an online vehicle portfolio. Our team filmed the BMW cars in iconic landmarks and created a video to showcase the vehicle range available. This was a huge boost for us at Eon Visual Media, being able to work with BMW, as it also opened opportunities to film a number of different car launches.  

The CD-ROM portfolios were used nationally by Stratstone BMW, which is a really proud moment in our history, despite the technology now becoming obsolete.  

BMW Logo

The Universities of Hull and Lincoln

Move On, Move Up was an initiative ran by The University of Hull to encourage students to use their education and skills gained at the University to enhance their career prospects after graduation. A similar initiative was run by The University of Lincoln, called Discover Lincoln, which was aimed at getting more people into the city and attending the University. Both projects were a form of online prospectus, showcasing the advantages of the universities in Hull and Lincoln. The University of Hull project gave Eon Visual Media the opportunity to work with news presenter, Helen Fospero, who presented the video content on the CD-ROMs. The content was shown on Look North news for the initial launch of the local campaign and was then used on ITV National news.  

Filming at The University of Hull
Filming at The University of Hull

After this work, Eon Visual Media also worked with a team in the Tees Valley area for a similar CD-ROM project, aimed at the regeneration of the region.  

CD-ROM was evidently a very popular medium in the early 2000’s, and we worked hard alongside some local and national companies to produce video and other digital content. Get in touch and work with us on any project from video, animation, web or app development… we promise there’ll be no CD-ROMs! 

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