Eon Visual Media and Burger King!


Back in 2003, Eon Visual Media became an independent limited company. DVDs outsold VHS tapes for the first time and technology was at a turning point. Not long after, in 2005, 1 billion people were using the internet which was 1/5 of the population at the time! This pivotal time period saw digital innovation rise, with businesses looking for new ways to advertise, train and market their products. 

How did Eon Visual Media come to work with Burger King?

Whilst they outsold VHS tapes for the first time, DVDs were still a relatively new technology. Our innovation in this sector allowed us to be awarded an initial 2-year contract by none other than Burger King. They required a series of DVDs to be used in global training sessions in their branches across the world.  

Burger King saw an opportunity to streamline their practices and save costs. Typically, they would pay training managers to come in and train new staff, who were largely between the ages of 17 and 24. Because of this, they would experience high labour turnover, and would end up spending more than necessary on continuous training.  

Iain Bell - Burger King DVD
Forgive the old computer, but it was 2003! Senior Programmer Iain Bell authoring a Burger King DVD title on our Spruce DVD Maestro equipment.

Eon Visual Media were able to help Burger King recognise this opportunity by filming and creating a series of global training DVDs that were cost effective and practical. Innovative for its time, the DVDs showcased all training practices and could be tailored for each country. For example, certain regions assembled burgers differently, in the USA Whopper Sandwiches had 2 tomatoes whereas in Europe they only had one, so the DVDs were tailored depending on geographical and regional location in line with each region’s requirements.  

All the filming took place in a restaurant near Burger King’s headquarters (the Pink Palace) in Miami. In total the project lasted over 3 years, was translated into 12 different languages and incorporated over 16 different titles. 

Following completion, Eon Visual Media won a Bronze IVCA Award for the project, an accolade that still stands proudly on our shelves in the office. We’re so proud of this particular innovation, which now seems like a lifetime ago! Technology has changed dramatically since 2003 and yet we are still continuing to innovate and exceed the latest trends and expectations. 

Martin Bromely - Burger King DVD
Martin Bromley editing footage from the Burger King Training DVDs using an Avid Media Compressor.

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