BTS of Powerful Promotional Videos!


Promotional videos serve as powerful tools for businesses to showcase their products, services, or ideas in a visually compelling and persuasive manner. In today’s fast-paced digital world, where attention spans are fleeting, promotional videos cut through the noise and capture audience attention effectively. They blend engaging visuals, captivating storytelling, and persuasive messaging to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Whether it’s a product launch, brand awareness campaign, or event promotion, promotional videos offer a versatile and engaging way to connect with target audiences across various platforms, including social media, websites, and presentations. With the ability to evoke emotions, convey complex concepts succinctly, and drive action, promotional videos have become essential components of modern marketing strategies.

Read more to find out about the Eon Visual Media videography process, and how we communicate with clients to create inspiring, digital content!

Enquiry and Brief

If you’re looking to enquire about a videography project, you can fill out a contact form, email us on or call us on 01482 484850 and we’ll get back to you asap!

Once you’ve made an initial enquiry, one of our team will be in touch to set up a friendly call to establish your needs, goals and ideas. Here, we will chat through any storyboards and scripts in brainstorming sessions to ensure we can book in filming dates! Our Creative Lead will chat through some suggestions and will look to put together a quote. After this has been agreed, we will brief in the videography project with the wider team to create a production schedule suited to your needs.

Recce and Setup

The initial setup is quite straight forward, but sometimes we will do a recce of the job to ensure we have everything we need on the day of filming. We always survey the filming location to ensure it looks as good as it can, removing unwanted objects including mugs, important documents and rubbish bins. We want to ensure that we film the best parts of your business, and that the video reflects your image, values and ideas, sometimes including filming in locations with branding on show.

Once we have set up the initial space, we place our usual 2-camera set up with one camera shooting wider and one shooting close ups, allowing us to easily cut between cameras in post-production to create a dynamic and fluid video that is engaging for viewers.

Depending on the project, we cater our equipment to create the look and feel of the client’s goals. Some simply require a range of interviews, overlayed with b-roll footage, where others might require more emotive content in which we would adapt the lighting and visuals to emulate the tone of the video. Check out this promotional video we did for ShadeZone!

Filming Promotional Videos

We always film in 4K put together with a flat colour profile, giving us the ability to shoot at the highest quality and sharpness with opportunities for post-production enhancements.

Some videos, including interviews, require static cameras, whilst some require fluidity and movement; if this is the case, we will suggest mounting cameras on a gimbal to shoot smooth footage. During this time, we will film b-roll footage which is often overlayed over interviews or other voiceovers to show engaging visuals during speech.

Our team of videographers are experts in their field. They’re talented and use their years of experience and specialist knowledge to make suggestions and recommendations to get the most out of your video brief. They can help create interview questions and suggest different shots to ensure your video is a visually stunning, high-quality piece of content. Meet our videography team here!


All of our videos are shot at 50fps, allowing us to slow the footage whilst editing. This way, we can have more control over transitions and cuts between scenes. We load the initial footage on an ssd and the team get to work with editing! We have a great library of assets which we adapt for each project, including licensed music which we carefully select to reflect the tone, mood and intentions of the video. We always make sure to match the music to the footage, often cutting at the beat of the song, so the video is a smooth and enjoyable watch. During the editing process, we can suggest voiceovers if needed, which we overlay to give important information based on your script and storyboard.

Being a small company, we understand the importance of high-quality content that makes a big impression. Because of this, we keep in continuous contact with you, sending over draft edits, once they’ve been internally reviewed, and suggestions to ensure you’re always happy – we’re always happy to receive feedback!

We’re happy for you to provide graphics for internal video use, or alternatively, our design and animation team can create any assets based on brand guidelines and project goals. Sometimes, footage need to be adapted for social media and other markets, which we can do with ease.

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to all client’s needs, ensuring the videos are high quality, visually stunning and able to be used across different platforms in different formats.

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