Augmented reality for marketing – increase your audience engagement by 30%.


In 2018, around 12.4 billion dollars has been spent and invested in the US alone on Rich Media Advertising. For those who do not know what Rich Media Advertising is, we got you.


Rich Media Advertising offers more ways to involve an audience with an advert. Rich Media advertising also encourages the audience to engage with the advert through video, audio and other elements such as Augmented Reality. this method of advertising allows brands to create complex adverts that can elicit strong user response. Adverts like these can create up to 30% more engagement rate than normal banner ads.



There are many impressive benefits when using Augmented Reality in advertising.A key benefit of using this technology, is that it helps to bring a product to life and allows the audience to visualize a product in a certain environment which simply is not possible using other forms of advertising. 

AR allows users to interact with a product and look at it as a 3D model in 360°. The interactive elements of AR mean that audiences are able to touch, rotate, zoom in and out of a product, as well as tap it to find out more info/be directed to a landing page.


At Eon, we make it possible for our clients to provide their customers with the opportunity to get greater insights about their products using Augmented Reality.

An example of an AR App we developed can be found below:


The true intent of Rich Social Media is to engage target audiences within-depth, experience-enhancing creative content they would like to see. 


Augmented Reality can offer various benefits when incorporated into marketing campaign, with facial tracking that most in the 21st century has on their smartphone, users can virtually try out products such as sunglasses or jewellery which really enhances the shopping experience.

By using technology such as Augmented Reality in your advertising, there is a higher chance that users will be able recall the message in the advert in comparison to other adverts without Augmented Reality. This is in part, is due to the engaging nature of Augmented Reality adverts. 


As of now, only 2.5 percent of marketing agency within the US said to be using AR tech within their campaign to promote. With big technology firm such as Facebook increasing their capacity to utilise Augmented Reailty and millienials are using social media platform as a way to keep updated because of AR features these platforms provides which keeps it interesting and entertaining.

This trend and usage of AR will only increase from now. If you would like to see if Augmented Reality is a fit for your product or brand, get in touch

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