Adapting Content for Different Markets…


To ensure your content is accessible, relevant and appropriate, it is crucial to consider adapting it for different markets which might include language translations and visual variations. Some might think that this is only relevant for global companies with global strategies, but adapting for different geographical locations, demographics, and socioeconomic audiences is a great way to demonstrate understanding and increase content visibility and engagement.  

So what are the main features of adapting content for different markets and why should you be doing it? Let’s take a look… 

Translations and Subtitles

These simple adaptations can make a huge difference to the visibility and understanding of your content. Whilst translations might be kept solely for global audiences, subtitles are an easy way to ensure everyone can engage with your content. Visually, the content might be great, but if people are on the bus home watching your video, are they going to press play and turn up the volume to hear what’s being said? Or are they going to scroll past the video because it is not accessible for them? Probably the latter…  

Ensuring you make your content accessible based on audience needs gives you the best chance at increased engagement

Copy and Visual Changes  

Whilst this may seem fastidious, changing copy and ensuring the correct words and spellings are being used is crucial when sharing copy in different markets. Audiences will react differently to different buzzwords and will relate to different localisations than others. For example, way back in 2003, we worked with Burger King to create training videos to be used globally, including in the USA – because of this, the content was tailored with the European videos including only one tomato in the burgers, and the USA videos containing two.  

Adapting language and visual pieces can make a huge difference to how your content is digested and understood – small details can sometimes make or break the success of a campaign, so be sure to do your audience research! 

Packaging, Claims and Legal Requirements

Different markets also have different legal requirements in regard to packaging, claims, product safety and design. As well as this, there are certain environmental considerations and certification requirements that need to be thought about when selling in different markets. It is therefore important to do your market research and ensure you are in compliance with different legal and ethical requirements when developing your project for different markets.  

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Why Should You Be Adapting Content? 

Adapting content to different markets is essential for you to increase visibility and engagement and for your campaigns to succeed in global markets. Here are the main reasons why you should consider making adaptations: 

  1. Consumer behaviour – adapting content allows you to align your messaging with specific target audiences and will be more appealing to local preferences.  
  1. Cultural relevance – audiences in different cultures have different beliefs and unique values, so small changes will make your content resonate more with local audiences. 
  1. Unified brand image – if you are a global company, ensuring that your brand translates messaging and content for different audiences is crucial in developing credibility and maintaining a strong brand image.  
  1. Competitive advantage – more targeted and effective marketing, based on more in-depth audience research, can give you an edge over the competition by showing the audience more care and attention.  
  1. Social media – social media gives brand a huge opportunity to reach different audiences in other countries and areas. Ensuring your content is adaptable for different social platforms is key to being able to reach audiences and keep them engaged. 
  1. Relevancy and legality – make sure your project is kept relevant by adhering to market differences and legalities.   

How Can We Help? 

Our fabulous team of designers have worked closely with a diverse range of clients for over 20 years, including in the healthcare, sports and retail sectors. They are incredibly well versed in scripting, storyboarding and getting your key messages across in a creative and inspiring way. We have developed our Eon Visual Media Animation Handbook for internal use to ensure our clients’ assets meet our high standards and are able to be adapted for different audiences, particularly with translations.  

Our designers have the knowledge to adapt your projects for different markets, including, but not limited to, translations, text amendments, voiceovers, packshots, SKUs and global claims. We know how important it is to create inspiring digital content to meet your needs as well as your audiences’.  

Want to see more of our work? Click here! Then get in touch for a free consultation, and let us bring your content to life! 

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