5 Ways to Optimise Promotional Campaigns!


Promotional campaigns, utilising videos, are a great way of selling your story, your product and your brand. Promotional videos are versatile and can be filmed in a plethora of different ways to highlight different messaging for different audiences. Being able to utilise videos (like this one we did for East Riding of Yorkshire Council!) within a wider promotional campaign can really boost its impressions and engagements, particularly across social media, making it a moreover more successful investment.

So how would you go about integrating a promotional video within a wider marketing campaign? Read below to find out!

1. Align content with objectives

Before you go ahead with investing in a promotional video, you should consider your overarching goals. Do you want to increase awareness, engagement, leads? Do you want to showcase a particular product or are you looking to share your brand story? Are you going to be using this online, on paid social, or on the road at events?

These are the types of questions you need to consider to ensure the videography team can tailor content to complement specific campaign uses and objectives.

Watching the King's Coronation Live

2. Integrate promotional videos throughout customer journey

Depending on the type and goals of your promotional campaigns, you might want to optimise a range of promotional videos at different stages of the marketing funnel, from awareness to lead conversion. Product unboxings and demonstrations, explainer videos, and customer testimonials are some examples of videos that could be used in conjunction with one another in a wider campaign to raise awareness, improve engagement and boost lead conversion. Ensuring your promotional videos complement your brand messaging and values throughout each stage of the marketing funnel is key to reinforcing recognition, trust and engagement.

3. Optimise multichannel distribution for promotional campaigns

Being able to utilise promotional campaigns across a range of channels – including different social media platforms, email marketing channels, presentations and events, and paid advertising – will ensure higher visibility and engagement, depending on your targeting. Selecting the most appropriate platforms is dependent on your campaign goals, objectives and target audience. Consider where your strongest audience is but also identify opportunities for growth, utilising email marketing or TikTok for example.

Some platforms’ algorithm prefers short-form content, like TikTok, where some you will more engagement with long-form videos. Depending on your channels, consider requesting specific clips of your videos to optimise their use and success. Check out this roundup of the Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2024!

Filming for Shade Zone

4. Encourage user action and engagement

This may seem obvious, but using copy to encourage user engagement is a great way of getting more visibility and kickstarting conversations around your brand/video. Alternatively, you could add interactive elements and calls to action within your videos. Exploring different ways to encourage user-generated content and audience interaction will help to really round our your marketing campaign, especially if your goals are to boost engagements and leads. Check out Coca-Cola’s video below, which they used for their ‘Share a Coke’ promotional campaign, encouraging consumers to interact with their brand and share across social media.

5. Utilise promotional campaign analytics

Perhaps one of the most important elements to consider when creating, implementing and optimising a marketing campaign is analytics. Ensure you are tracking key metrics on relevant platforms, for example reach, impressions, CTR (click through rate) and engagement rate. Be sure to monitor results during the campaign. This will allow you to make minor changes to fully optimise your videos to reach your goals and objectives.

Insights gained from marketing campaigns can be crucial in informing future content strategies and campaign optimisations to drive better results over time. Often in marketing, particularly for smaller companies, growth is not linear, so ensure you are constantly learning from campaigns and analytics to optimise results as best as possible.

Being able to optimise a video within wider promotional campaigns improves visibility and engagement. You can target different audiences at different levels of the marketing funnel, and you can really utilise content and visual assets to tell your brand story. Why not invest in a promotional video today! Our team can create the video as well as help you integrate it into a wider promotional campaign! Get in touch!

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