Creating Promotional Videos for East Riding of Yorkshire Council!


Background and Objectives

The Adult Learning and Employability division at East Riding of Yorkshire Council provides a safe space for adults to receive employment support and skills training. With a huge range of courses, centres across the region, and a team of dedicated staff, the Adult Learning and Employment division were looking to create a high-quality video promoting their services and courses and the impact these experiences have on people’s lives.

Our team of videographers filmed on location at the Adult Learning Centres located in Beverley, Bridlington, Cottingham and Goole to capture footage for their promotional service video.

Behind the scenes of filming down a corridor for East Riding of Yorkshire Council


To begin with, we had briefing calls with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to arrange dates and schedules as well as to agree on some questions to ask different interviewees. The client also created a shot list of desired footage and outlined the objective of the video.

To capture the best and most authentic footage, we set up our equipment to film interviews with some of the students, tutors and staff. We set up in each building which highlighted the type of learning they did – paint studios, sewing rooms, pottery rooms, classrooms and kitchens. It was important that we conveyed the ‘genuine community’ feel in the promotional video by showcasing a range of people partaking in a range of courses, so we filmed some staged sequences when classes were being held.

We used a 2-camera setup for the interviews with a shallow depth of field to highlight the subject more, and we captured some over the shoulder shots using static and gimbal cameras. As well, we captured some sliding shots to emphasise the scale of the rooms and to really showcase their facilities on offer.

Editing and Outcome

Following 5 days filming on site at multiple locations, our videography team returned to the Eon Visual Media offices to begin editing the footage and b-roll. Jonny and Dawid, our videographers, found the parts of the footage that best suited the aims of the video. Fitting with the client’s requests, the video opened with a hero quote to really offset the video’s aims.  After a few rounds of feedback and amends, and once the client was happy with an edit that captured the heart and spirit of the people who make Adult Learning, we colour-graded the video and added subtitles and music.

We also provided the client with a range of clips from the videos to use across different social media platforms. Thousands of people in the East Riding have now hear learner, Shirley, say ‘I even book my holidays around my classes!’

"It was a pleasure to work with Eon Visual Media - I worked alongside Jonny for 5 days as we filmed at our Adult Learning Centres and captured some great content and genuine moments with learners. I was able to pitch the vision and core message of the experience and how learners feel, and Eon Visual Media were able to deliver on this with great filming and interviewing skills!"

Jake Hall - Strategic Marketing Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council