3 Better Uses of Social Media for Businesses!

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Using social media as an integral part of business strategy is one of the simplest ways to raise brand awareness and communicate and engage with potential customers. Utilising free social channels gives businesses the opportunity to develop within an online space.

Studies show that the frequency and duration of exposure to marketing communications is the key to their success. Posting engaging content often, gives potential customers and stakeholders more of an insight into the company, its tone, ethos and agenda, as well as allowing the showcase of some work and content.

You probably knew all of this…right? So, how can your business utilise social media to its full extent?

Using Visual Content

The use of visual content and different types of media including images, videos, animations, Instagram reels and graphics is perhaps one of the simplest methods of increasing engagement. Research shows that individuals are far more likely to even pay attention to a post if it has some sort of high-quality visual content. It’s eye-catching and stands out amongst the thousands of other posts they will see that day. Bright colours and clear text are the most likely combination for success.

According to one study, 81% of people only ‘skim’ the content they see online. But what does this have to do with visual media? Investigations by the same study also found that social media posts including some sort of image produced a 650% higher interactivity figure than those without. Proof that visual content will boost your awareness and engagement!

Including Videos and Organic Content

The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than written content. Using a combination of text, images and videos is a guaranteed method of increasing brand awareness and engagement with new and existing customers.

Videos, especially organically produced content, engages customers on a different level. Remember how the human brain processes visual content faster? Well, using videos, particularly those with sound and subtitles, removes the textual barrier that is preventing some content from being fully explored. Ensuring video content is accessible (subtitles, alternative text), short and engaging will bolster general brand engagement whilst providing potential customers with an organic sample of your work. Utilising channel specific features, such as Instagram reels, stories and TikTok videos further adds to the authenticity of information.

Use as a Communication Platform

Not all marketing is about sales and not all social media posts are about engagement. Using social media channels gives businesses a real opportunity to be able to communicate with new and existing customers. After all, communication is key, right?

Having an active social media account, which is regularly checked and engaged with rather than just posted on, allows businesses to reduce that gap between business and customer. This is applicable to all sizes and types of business – you can really speak to your customers, resolve issues and find feedback through regular engagement on social platforms.

Using social media channels to the full extent by showcasing work through videos and images, as well as communicating with customers will further awareness and engagement in a more indirect manner. Some customers are more favourable to marketing techniques than others, but using social platforms as an impersonal and informal channel can often lead to better perceptions and engagement.

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