Transforming E-Commerce Images for Mr P!



Healan Ingredients, the parent company of Mr. P, specialise in supplying food ingredients in the UK. Mr P. boasts a gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher and non-GMO product range, catering to different dietary requirements, to help chefs create dishes with a ‘wow-factor’!

Mr P. Health, a sister company to Mr P. Ingredients, specialises in providing collagen products for their health and wellbeing customers. Mr P. Health is aiming to sell directly to customers using e-commerce features to reach a mass market with their high-quality products.

Mr P Products

Mr P Products

Aims & Objectives

Prior to approaching Eon Visual Media, Mr P. had already had some images taken but were unhappy with the results as they did not reflect the new, premium packaging – the light reflections from the foil made the text unreadable and the colours look different. So, we were tasked with finding a solution to their image requirements to best reflect the unique packaging.

The main aims of the project were to showcase the luxury packaging created by Springfield Solutions to use on e-commerce platforms, in a more user-friendly way without any glare on the foils.


We began by editing the prepared print label artwork within Illustrator to highlight the premium foil packaging. We adjusted the contrast to make the text on the static images easier to read, as well as using gradients instead of flat colours to mimic the foils. 

After this, we used photoshop to edit the existing photography to provide more of a regimented base to help with the application of the labels. We adjusted and improved the photos and also overlaid the artwork files, using 3D effects in photoshop, to wrap the artwork around the photography. We repeated this process from a side and back profile so the product could be viewed from all angles. 


Mr P Products

Mr P Products


We were able to utilise photoshop and other editing softwares to create standardised images that properly reflect the unique, premium packaging created for Mr P. Health. We created packshots and product poster images for e-commerce platforms that can be viewed from different angles.

Using a combination of original and edited photography/artwork allowed us to mimic the foil packaging in an authentic way to showcase the premium labels with no glare.


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