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In 2020, our videography team were recruited to film and deliver live video coverage of The Business Day event, which took place on the 11th of June 2021. Furthermore, we were tasked with capturing pre-recorded footage to be used throughout the live stream. The Business Day is an annual networking event for local businesses to come together and gain insight at the final event of Humber Business Week. The event was organised by Stephen Parnaby OBE in conjunction with Bridlington Spa and showcased a wide and diverse range of companies operating within the Hull & East Yorkshire Region.

Bridlington Beach

What We Were Asked To Do

Due to ongoing concerns with the global pandemic, this event was co-ordinated slightly differently compared to previous years and instead was a three-hour live-streamed magazine show, presented in-person by Gyles Brandreth. As media production partner for this event, we were responsible for delivering live video coverage of the event, which featured a variety of guest speakers and commissioned films.

What We Did

As well as delivering live video coverage of the event, our videography team were also responsible for preparing a series of pre-recorded video clips and stings which would be presented throughout the live-stream magazine show.

An example of this includes the opening sequence for the event which features footage of a traditional East Riding bus on route along the coastline towards the Bridling Spa venue, which replicated the start of the traditional event.

East Yorkshire Bus

Pre-Recorded Footage of Tap Dancers at Bridlington Spa

Video Stings

In addition to this, our videography team also captured a wide variety of additional video stings at the Bridlington Spa including a parkour athlete, the Driffield Silver Brass Band, tap dancers, cheerleaders, and a ballet dancer. These short video clips were used throughout the live stream event in-between the interviews and guest speakers.

Video Montage

As well as this, our team also filmed a short video montage of Horsemaster Mark Atkinson riding on his horse along the beach front, making his way into the Bridlington Spa venue and onto the theatre stage. This footage was presented just before Mark’s interview with Gyles Brandreth, making it look like had just arrived in that moment on horseback into the venue.

By producing all of this pre-recorded footage, this contributed towards delivering a professional and high-quality live stream. All of our pre-recorded footage for the Business Day event can be seen in the following video.

Pre-Recorded Footage of Gyles Brandreth Interview

The Business Day Ballerina


Due to the subsequent effects of the recent global pandemic and UK lockdown, we firmly believe that we will see an overall increase in the number of live streamed events and meetings. Furthermore, we believe that there are many benefits of running a live video stream of your event and/or meeting.

For instance, a live video stream has the ability to reach a much larger online audience. Additionally, research suggests that 30% of people who watch a livestream of an event will attend the same event in person the following year. Furthermore, once an event has been live-streamed, this video footage can then be archived and viewed again and used for future digital marketing activities.

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