Creating an Informative Animation for Sypro!



Sypro are specialists in creating award-winning software products that help organisations work more effectively. Part of The 55 Group, Spyro aims to transform how organisations work – finding innovation solutions to problems that are less complex but more effective.

With this, the company was looking to develop a solution which would help to promote their risk management software.

In this case study, we will explore how our animation team created a brand-new informative animation to help promote Sypro’s risk management software.

Sypro Risk Management Animation




Sypro Informative Animation

Aims & Objectives

At the start of this project, our team met with the marketing team at Sypro to discuss the overall aims and objectives for this project.

After initial discussions, it was identified that our client needed an animated video that would introduce Sypro Risk Manager and act as a guide to the software. Our informative animation needed to highlight the various benefits and explore the 10 different modules featured within.

To help us with this project, Sypro had pre-prepared a script for the informative animation. Additionally, our team were provided with brand guidelines and pre-existing graphics, to ensure that our animation would complement the Sypro brand.

With the aims and objectives set, our teams began to prepare Sypro’s brand new animation.

What we did

To commence this project, our graphic design team created a variety of look images, so the overall style and feel of our animation could be agreed before producing the full storyboard. After developing all the required graphics, these were submitted to Sypro for approval.

After gaining approval, our team began developing a larger storyboard, and animating each of the static graphics, so that these could effectively communicate information and messages. In addition to bringing our graphics to life, our team acquired a voice over artist who was able to add narration to our animated video based on the script provided by Sypro. You can watch our final animation here! 👉



Sypro Animation


After submitting our final animation, this was incredibly well received by Sypro, and our design team were highly praised for creating an entertaining and informative animation.

According to Sypro Campaign Manager Ben Mackay,

‘We’re really pleased with the animation and it was a pleasure working with the team at Eon. They understood what was required and produced something we’re really happy with’.


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