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Last year, Eon Visual Media were recruited by Welland Medical Limited to produce a series of visual assets to help promote a brand-new product launch for the brand.

Welland Medical Limited are an innovator in stoma care, specialising in the design, development and manufacture of stoma care appliances and accessories, using the high-quality materials. The company works closely with healthcare professionals, patients, and care organisations, and helps to develop innovative products that enhance the lives of ostomates throughout the world.

The aim for this project was to help Welland Medical Limited produce an augmented reality experience to help promote a new range of stoma pouches called ‘Aurum Plus’.

Welland Medical


Welland Medical 3D Asset Creation

What We Did

In preparation for this project, our creative and development team liaised with Welland Medical Limited to discuss the overall aims and objectives for this project.

From here, it was agreed that Eon Visual Media would produce an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience which would aim to allow viewers to engage with a 3D & 2D models of the various Aurum Plus stoma products. Furthermore, our videography team would also produce a video demonstration which would help explain how to access and navigate the AR experience.

AR Experience

After discussing our objectives with Welland Medical Limited, it was initially agreed that Eon Visual Media would produce an AR experience which would be used as a presentation tool by the sales and marketing team.

With this, our team considered three different approaches for developing the AR experience. Our options were either to create a brand-new app which would include the AR experience, a web-based AR experience, or alternatively an iOS-based AR experience made via Reality Composer. After much consideration, our team concluded that the most effective approach would be to use Reality Composer which is accessible for anybody with an iOS smart device. Doing this would allow Eon Visual Media to showcase the potential of this operating system-based AR whilst also featuring many powerful interactive features.


Aurum Plus AR Experience


Aurum Plus AR Experience

To help with the development of this AR experience, Welland Medical Limited provide our team with the 3D CAD models of the Aurum stoma products. With this, our development team were able to adapt this model further by adding additional textures and finer details to make the 3D model look more realistic.

Furthermore, our development team were able to utilise Welland Medical Limited’s existing design models, branding and imagery to create our AR experience. Doing this allowed our AR experience to feel like an expansion from the Aurum Plus promotional video which our creative team had previously produced for the company (click here to see our video!)

For the AR experience, users were able to explore the 3D model of the Arum Plus product. Our AR experience also allowed users to see the various USPs between the different products as well as additional multimedia features including audio, additional information and alternate colour options.

To see our AR experience in action, please click here from your iOS device.

Aurum Plus QR Code


Jack Milson

Tutorial Video

As well as creating the Aurum AR experience, our videography team also created a short video demonstration, which would help Welland Medical Limited to promote this engaging experience to their customers via their website and social media platforms.

The premise for this video production was to promote the AR experience, as well as explaining how viewers can easily access the experience without having to download a third-party app. Additionally, our video would provide a full demonstration of the AR experience and explain how users can explore the 3D models and additional integrated features.

To do this, our videography team captured two informal piece-to-camera shots with our Creative Lead Jack Milson and our Head of Eon James Cherry. For the introduction, Jack provided a brief overview to the AR experience and explained how this could be accessed using the inbuilt technology via your smartphone by scanning a QR code.

Following this, James provided a full demonstration, including how to navigate the various 3D models and how to access the additional interactive features. To support James’ demonstration, our video also featured a large iPhone on screen allowing users to view thefrom the perspective of their smartphone device.

Aurum Plus AR Experience


Aurum Plus AR Experience


After submitting the AR experience and explainer video, these were both incredibly well received by Welland Medical Limited and utilised by the company on their company website and YouTube channel. Since its debut, our AR experience has been used by healthcare professionals, patients, and care organisations across the globe!

“The Aurum® Plus AR experience is an advanced interactive promotional asset, that has taken our marketing campaigns to the next level!”

Natalie Woolgar​ – Welland Medical Limited


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"The Aurum® Plus AR experience is an advanced interactive promotional asset, that has taken our marketing campaigns to the next level!"

Natalie Woolgar – Welland Medical Limited