Creating Content for ABG at Labelexpo – The World’s Largest Package Printing Trade Show


A world-renowned, leading packaging supplier and our client – ABG is a huge player at Labelexpo. Labelexpo is the world’s largest label and packaging printing trade show. Businesses like ABG place significant budgets behind exhibiting here and want to squeeze every last drop of value available. This includes ensuring the critical selling points from the event/conference are communicated to their audience online before, during and after.

Firstly, ABG manufactures print finishing equipment and have been doing so for over 60 years. They have installed 11,000 machines worldwide for 2,500 customers.

One of the critical dilemmas companies like ABG face in the packaging industry is creating content that is useful, insightful and captivating. Many organisations within the packaging industry neglect this aspect to their marketing due to their perception of ‘B2B Marketing’. However, with platforms such as LinkedIn, providing increased traffic to B2B social channels and websites, it is becoming increasingly important.

Before the event, ABG needed to make an impact. One of the best ways they felt to do that was through captivating content on their social media channels. Initially, they tasked us with creating a video to grab the attention of their target audience. The team got to work and created a short and punchy text-only video. Using a contrast of colour during the video, we knew this would retain the attention throughout. The video was used across ABG social channels and ensured their exhibition was one of the busiest at the event! Check out the video below:

The second task was to create content at the event itself. ABG tasked us with creating nine individual films featuring their print finishing machines that were present at the event. Not only that, we captured footage of the event as a whole for a highlights video.

Due to the nature of a conference this size, (hundreds of people in a small confined space), this provided a significant challenge for our cameraman. That being said, due to our high spec equipment being on-site, we were able to stabilise the shots and produce excellent, clean footage of all machines.

Not only that, prior planning allowed us to have exclusive access to the venue before opening hours. Thankfully, the fantastic staff at ABG were a tremendous help to our team and allowed us to execute the filming without any hiccups.

One of our mantras is ‘Digital’, and we understand Digital is FAST. That means a fast turn around for our clients. As soon as we got the shots, we got to work straight away at HQ on editing the content while the event was still taking place! Providing such a fast service allows us to fulfil a critical need that most businesses require – speed. After a few back and forth’s between the team and the client, we produced the full highlights video within a matter of days.

We look forward to seeing this relationship with ABG continue to grow and working on many future projects with them. Do you have a conference or event that is coming and you want to produce content before, during and after? Get in touch today!

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