We are Shortlisted for the PIB Awards!


Here at Eon Visual Media, we are thrilled that two of our fabulous team members have been shortlisted at the People in Business Awards!

What Have We Been Nominated For?

James Cherry, Head of Eon, has been nominated and shortlisted for an award in the ‘Innovator’ category. His work includes researching the most innovative technologies to create the best outcomes and solutions for our clients, as well as aiding internal operations. The main contributions leading to James’ PIB awards nomination included his work with Chatta and the development of their Chatta Learning app, as well as his efforts to bring static packaging to life using augmented reality, for packaging and labelling specialist Springfield Solutions.

James and his team have also been able to utilise innovative technologies, such as 360-degree camera footage, to create engaging virtual tours for a number of different clients. It is without doubt that James cares deeply about his role at Eon Visual Media and this is reflected through the work he does, and the feedback we receive!

‘I’m delighted to have been nominated. I’m a huge geek and have a real passion for new technology and driving early adoption, I love to explore new software and new digital techniques, so I’m one of the lucky ones where it isn’t like a job. To be recognised by my colleagues and shortlisted for the PIB awards in the innovation category really means a lot’

James Cherry, Head of Eon
Will and James

Will Marshall, one of our Designers & Animators, is nominated in the PIB awards’ ‘Rising Star’ category, having only joined Eon Visual Media in the last year. Some of his work includes creating illustrations, animations and posters, as well as being involved in video production and different marketing campaigns. Will is eager to learn and is thriving in his creative role, despite having only been at Eon for a year! The quality of work he produces, largely in the healthcare sector, as well as his depth of knowledge and ability to meet strict deadlines, has led to some fabulous feedback from clients.

‘I am very thrilled to have been nominated. As someone graduating university and going into the design industry during the pandemic, getting the experience was hard. Since starting at  Eon, I have been pushing and developing my skills (mostly animation) further with the help of the animation team and creatives and have progressed so much! To be recognised for my progress within the industry is a really wonderful thing!’

Will Marshall, Designer & Animator

It’s great to be recognised for some of the fantastic and innovative work our team does. We wish James and Will the best of luck this week and hopefully the office can be graced with a few more awards!

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