3 Reasons To Use Videography in Your Business


Professional and organic video content is quickly becoming the most effective method of communication and lead generation, according to 86% of marketers. This figure, surprisingly, is up 2% from 2021 and 5% from 2019, highlighting the shifting opinions towards video content and marketing. As well as this, 81% actually feel that videography has a direct impact on sales. Considering the growth of organic and professional content, can you really skip video content and still see growth?

Well of course that answer is yes, BUT if you want to see direct growth, better engagement and heightened communication with your audience, utilising videography in your business is the way forward!

What are the main reasons for using videography in your business?


1. Product Explanations and Reviews

Short videos explaining products or services, or showing product reviews can be a really effective way of using videography in your business to communicate with your audience. Some businesses, particularly those offering a diverse range of products might find some of their FAQs being directed towards products and their function. Creating video content that centres around customer satisfaction in finding what they need can really boost brand engagement through indirect marketing. These sorts of videos capture viewers’ attention through relevance, sound and image, and allow them to communicate indirectly with a brand.

Research has found that viewers retain 95% of information captured from videos but only 10% of written content. The convenience and ease of watching videos is much simpler than rifling through reams of written content trying to find exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoyment of video content, especially ads, boosts purchase intent by 97%, so utilising videography to communicate product or service explanations to your audience could directly impact sales and lead generation, through engagement and excitement.

2. Showcasing Brand Personality

Organic video content is on the rise, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. Debates about business culture and ethos are also on the rise, also on platfoms like LinkedIn. Combining the two, it is easy to see an opportunity to create organic content that centres around showcasing the people of the business and giving an insight into business culture and values. Team engagement is often crucial to brand success, and so being able to gather the team and create virtual assets is a great way to boost engagement with your brand. Getting the ‘feel’ of a brand can often be the decider between choosing to go with a particular brand or go elsewhere, and so being able to find accessible and easily digestible team content can really help navigate the often complex barrier between brands and their customers. Humanising companies is becoming a great method for growing engagement and building trust within customer bases.


3. SEO Impact

It seems recently that all anyone can talk about is algorithms, right? Well, utilising video content can not only prioritise your posts on social platforms such as Instagram, but also boost your SEO rankings. Customers are likely to spend more time watching a video than reading written content, and so this will positively impact your Google search engine results. As well as this, content engagement will reduce your bounce rate and improve your web analytics. Video content is more optimised to mobile users who are more likely to engage and therefore impact bounce rate.

BTS Videography

To conclude, using videography in your business can boost engagement and excitement, leading to a direct impact on sales through customer communication and showcasing brand culture and personality. Furthermore, video content can positively impact your SEO ratings. 86% of marketers who say video content is the most effective for generating leads are right – utilising organic or professional content can really boost your impact as a business on your customers and your overall ratings.

If you need help creating video content, or want to get involved in some of our innovative video tech (such as drones and 360 videos), get in touch! Our friendly videography team can help you create the content you’re longing for!

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