3 Reasons To Use TikTok for Your Business


Downloaded globally upwards of three billion times, TikTok is the largest growing social media platform, seeing 142% growth in revenue year on year. Used primarily as an entertainment platform, TikTok is dispersed with informational and ad content, making it an attractive platform for individual creators, large brands and small businesses. Short videos and trending sounds make TikTok successful, with users heading to the app for entertainment!

So, why should you be using TikTok for your business?

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1. Creativity of Brand

TikTok is a great patform for individual creators, giving them the opportunity to express personality through videos. As well as this, it is also an efficient platforms for brands and businesses to get creative and involved in trends, giving them an authentic voice in a more informal environment.

Getting involved in creative trends heightens brand awareness, encouraging an audience – not necessarily your usual target market – to engage with fun content. Being able to step away from lead generation content, and express more creative content, enhances awareness and image through authenticity and entertainment.

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2. Favourable Algorithm

We’ve all heard the tales of terror about social media algorithms and how they favour specific types of content over others. Well, TikTok is different!

TikTok tailors content through a ‘for you’ page, based on content you’ve engaged with and liked. Their algorithm transcends follow counts and account types and focuses more on user engagement, meaning you may have few followers but your TikToks can still reach mass audiences. The types of content that typically perform well are those that are on trend, and utilise trending sounds and videos. Because of this, content creation becomes a much simpler task – engaging in trending sounds and content allows you to quickly create organic and authentic content without huge resources. What’s not to love?!

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3. Ads and Engagement

TikTok is used primarily as an entertainment platform but, like most other forms of social media, has engaged in ads and influencers. However, unlike Instagram for example, TikTok ads are perceived more authentic and natural, often being recorded in the same style of the influencer’s regular content. Because of this the TikTok ad platform is more effective, with 92% of viewers taking action after viewing an ad.

Being able to showcase organic creativity and personality, whilst having access to an effective ad platform and a favourable algorithm, makes using TikTok for your business an extremely attractive opportunity. Boost your awareness and engagement to a degree that is inaccessible on other platforms!

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