The Future of Digital Content


The digital landscape is constantly transforming and therefore constantly influencing our digital businesses. The ways in which we consume content are undergoing a revolutionary transformation, with individuals’ wanting more immersive, personalised content that instantly gives them the content satisfaction they’re looking for.

In this blog, we will explore the 3 ways in which digital content is changing and how you can keep your audiences engaged in your brand…

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AI-driven Content

Social media algorithms are continually evolving. For example, Instagram often favours timely and on trend topics as well as the speed of interactions and engagements. TikTok uses a completely different algorithm, basing suggested videos on previously watched and searched for content, making it arguably the most progressive and engaging (hence why we all spend hours scrolling our For You pages!). Social media algorithms determine what type of content you see, meaning people are expecting to see tailored content that they want to engage with.

Recently, with the rocketed growth of AI, creators are using AI tools to really nail their content and ensure it is exactly what their followers want to see, meaning the algorithm will keep pushing it. You can expect the future of digital content to be largely influenced by AI tools to try and breach the metaphorical gap between content creators and their followers.

Immersive Experiences

In order to reach a deeper level of engagement with their audiences, businesses and creators are looking towards immersive experiences, including AR and VR. Immersive technologies are able to engage audiences in storytelling, education and entertainment; creators are constantly pushing the boundaries of content and what they can provide.

Immersive experiences are without a doubt the future of digital content with an endless multitude of opportunities! Many large businesses are already exploring the Metaverse and creating virtual spaces to engage audiences in their brands.

Short-form and Micro Content

Attention spans are low in the modern technological environments, with consumers wanting desired content and results available at their fingertips. The rapid growth of TikTok and Instagram Reels are testament to the changes in content form. Brief, engaging videos are on the whole the most successful, with most audiences scrolling past anything that doesn’t immediately interest them.

Being concise and engaging is the way forward with digital content. Being able to say what you need to in a direct and appealing manner gives you the best opportunity to compete with people’s attention!

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