The Curious Case of Video Content & COVID-19


Video is a fantastic marketing tool and is a great way of promoting your product or services. However, lockdown and social distancing is causing a few headaches for companies and agencies looking to create new content.

Traditional video creation has almost ground to a halt in the current environment and it is likely to cause some concerns and pose some limitations moving forward. In this article, we look at the different ways for you to adapt your content creation.

Have Your Team Film Themselves at Home
User-generated content isn’t a new thing however, now is the perfect time to leverage it properly. It is highly likely that all of your staff/team have a relatively competent camera on either their phone (most new phones are at least 4k) or even their computer. What message could you film yourselves?

Don’t forget, utilise your clients and customers too – what could they say for you? With the right planning and guidance, your new video could be filmed from your very own home. With the right guidance on filming techniques and audio, Eon can ensure that captured content is of the highest quality. Thorough scripting and slick, professional editing can combine self-filmed content into a professional, high-quality video.

Barclays Team Video
Vitality UK Vitality has asked their ambassadors to record their ‘home stories’ focussing on fitness and mental well being during the lockdown.

Embrace ‘Stock’ Content
There are a number of great online tools which offer quality stock footage for a range of budgets. With a vast range of clips, there is sure to be something to fit your requirements, pair it up with existing content and branded messaging and the content soon feels unique, bespoke and on-brand with your company/product. Two websites you can use to find stock footage are:

Reimagine Your Campaign as an Animation
Could an animation convey the same messages? With a variety of styles from stop-motion, explainer videos, 2D, character animation and 3D/CGI there is sure to be a visual approach which suits your brand and your budget. Do you have existing print materials which could be leveraged, brought to life and made more engaging? Re-contextualise existing content or stock with new labels and graphics. From product launches to instructions and mode of actions, there is sure to be an animation solution perfect for your needs.

Eon Visual Media Animation Showreel

Shoot on Location… Employing Social Distancing
While the country is currently in lockdown, this status quo will not remain forever. Once lockdown is over and we begin a mass return to work it is likely social distancing will still be employed across all industries. Here at Eon, we are preparing our videographers to return to the field. We will be following advice from the Government on when and how to do this.

Streamlined crews are likely with a thoroughly planned storyboarding and shot list allowing for both our staff and clients to prepare themselves, the locations and other affected persons for the requirements of the filming. If you’ve seen any news interviews recently the interviewer is using a boom pole with a microphone and at least 2 metres away when asking questions. With the right planning and equipment, there is nothing stopping you capturing the content you need.

The key to all of these solutions is utilising the existing content you already have, and being smart with the creation of new content. Think about all the video content you’ve created over the last few years. Much of it will still be relevant. Combine it with stock, user-generated content, graphics, animations and even selective new content and that will allow you and your agency or brand to create some thoroughly engaging videos. With efficient planning and strategizing there is no reason why video can’t continue to be the vital marketing tool, we are used to.

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