The Changemaker Challenge!


We were approached by the 1851 Trust to participate in their ‘Protect our Future’ project. This workshop was to support and engage students from the 13 secondary schools across Hull as they were tasked with creating a video for the Changemaker Challenge.

Each school would create and edit a video to showcase how they have taken on the challenge of informing and inspiring others within their school and outside of their community, as Hull races to reach net zero! The Changemakers workshop was to allow the students to learn about storytelling by meeting professionals within creative industries and to start mapping out what a video submission looks like and the preparation it entails.

Jade at Changemakers Workshop

So, how did we help with this challenge? 

Jade, James, Dawid and Will G held initial meetings with the team regarding the ideas and what they wanted from the project. We met up at Hull University and split off into groups to input our industry experience and answer any questions the students had. After we spoke with some of the students, we provided any additional support whilst they were creating their videos. Sessions were set up over teams for the schools to ask any questions about editing, music or software.

Climate Champions
Eon Visual Media and Springfield Solutions Climate Champions, helping us on our net zero journey!

‘Before the day approached I looked back at what mistakes I’ve made when stepping into the
industry and used those mistakes to educate the children about how to avoid them. I truly believe change can be made through innovative minds like these creative, passionate and mature children who are keen to see the world we all live in change for better.’

Dawid Poniatowski – Filmmaker

Once the school had their final hand in date, it was show time! We attended another meeting with the whole changemakers teams and discussed through the videos as well as created some award categories for each school.

On the 24th April, we attended, along with all the other supporters and schools, a celebration event which showcased each school’s videos and spoke about the impact it had. The awards were given out and we interviewed a few of the students and teachers about their experience and how they found the process. This was an inspiring event to speak about Oh Yes Net Zero and about how schools and the younger generation are making changes which will impact the world for their families in the future.

Oh Yes Net Zero School Awards

‘I felt incredibly inspired by all of the videos created and the fact that the students from our secondary schools in Hull are educated and passionate about this topic. They are going to be the ones most effected by climate change so to see positive actions being taken in schools is a huge step in beginning their net zero journey!’

Matt Dass – Director

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