Space of the Week: H&M’s CEEK City


This week’s Metaverse Space of the Week is H&M, a fashion retailer leading the way in digitising fashion and driving commercial innovation in their sector. ‘Using tech to drive positive change commercially, environmentally and socially‘ is at the heart of their innovative mission to transform the fashion industry. A large facet of this includes the creation of their Metaverse space, CEEK City, to showcase their virtual campaigns and showrooms. The press and media can walk around the space and engage with guests and view H&M’s virtual collection. Something that really highlights H&M’s innovation in this industry is the use of high-quality visuals paired with photo-realistic 3D-rendered cloth garments that are animated to stimulate the movement of materials.

H&M in the Metaverse

The History of H&M’s Metaverse

Investment in the Metaverse is only a very recent thing for businesses, with it being brand new technology. Despite this, H&M have become one of the leading businesses in Metaverse spaces, particularly within the fashion industry. In November 2021, H&M Spain celebrated the launch of the ‘Innovation Circular Design Story’ collection by hosting an exclusive event experience entitled H&M Innovation Metaverse.

Following this, in January 2022, they launched virtual garments within their Metaverse space which were displayed through user competitions, who were encouraged to submit fun, innovative names for clothing looks. These garments were then used as NFTs and on social media to promote the creation and growth of H&M’s Metaverse space.

Being a fashion retailer, it is no surprise that part of H&M’s Metaverse mission is to allow self-expression through avatars, hence the creation of NFTs. Within a digital space, there are no styling or practical constraints, meaning users can create garments using liquid, electricity, ice cream, clouds and other digital patterns, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Back in August 2020, H&M experimented with wearable technology with their ‘Wearable Tech Collection X H&M Lab’. They tested the market potential with a campaign involving denim jackets, which had built in sensors to mimic human touch, hugs and hand holding, evidently inspired by the isolation of the pandemic. Users connected via an app and signals were transferred to the jacket as a touch. This level of digital innovation for a fashion retailer highlights H&M as a pioneering company within the digitisation of the industry.

Wearable Tech Collection X H&M Lab

How Does CEEK City Work?

Like many other Metaverse spaces, CEEK City allows users to explore a digital environment and interact with other people and objects within. With stores in 76 markets, H&M have sought to bring together media, celebrities, influencers and stylists within CEEK City to build and maintain relationships without the geographical restraints of that come with a global company. Because of this, H&M have the opportunity to reach a larger audience with their campaigns without the difficulties of travelling.

The main aim of their Metaverse space is to showcase the brand, campaigns and designs through digital innovation and sustainability. Being an environmentally conscious brand, H&M seek to use digital spaces to reduce the environmental impacts of fashion companies across the world.

Ceek City

What is the Future Like for Metaverse Fashion?

Accessibility, sustainability and innovation are huge facets of growth for H&M, who view the digitisation of fashion as a way forward. The future of CEEK City, and other fashion Metaverse spaces, encapsulates the shopper as the designer – they can create customised and personalised wardrobes and then have the ability to order them as custom designs in the real world. 3D shopping experiences are also a Metaverse feature that is growing in development and popularity, with some supermarkets and other retailers adopting this experience.

Currently, virtual fashion can be showcased on social media, such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, which also work on video calls, conferences and video games, much like other NFTs. H&M see a future for digital self-expression, sustainability and innovation; they are pushing the boundaries of creativity and fashion and creating a digital space that encourages positive changes commercially, environmentally and socially.

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