Snapchat AR Lens for World Restart a Heart Day


October 16th is known as World Restart a Heart Day, which encourages learning and awareness around cardiac arrests and helps people learn CPR. This year, Snapchat have unveiled a new augmented reality lens that teaches users how to perform CPR. Partnering with GoSpooky and the British Red Cross, Snapchat’s AR lens aims to be used as an immersive, educational tool for the growing population of social media users.

World Restart a Heart Day Snapchat Lens

The new AR lens creates a life-size, digital image of an ill person and places it into the users’ environment, giving a more realistic example and immersive experience. It explains the processes and stages of CPR, including checking responsiveness, calling for help, checking and clearing airwaves, and performing chest compressions and rescue breaths. It also teaches to re-check vitals after performing CPR, showing a particularly thorough step-by-step educational tool. The AR lens allows users to walk around the subject and includes prompts, quizzes and interactive games to help understand the rhythm of compressions.

Snapchat cites the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation in their research, which states 7/10 caridac arrests happen in front of bystanders, but fewer than 20% of those actually administer first aid. Providing the basis for their AR lens, Snapchat aim to engage the growing social media community in first aid edcuation and CPR, in recognition of World Restart a Heart Day. Partnered company GoSpooky are known to push the boundaries on augmented reality and seek to provide immersive learning experiences that are easily accessible. Of course, the augmented experience is not a replacement for first aid training, but it does provide a comprehensive step-by-step, giving user the basic CPR information which could help save a life.

AR Snapchat Lens

Insight Heart are a company providing similar augmented reality healthcare experiences, focusing on immersive education. Seeing companies adopt augmented reality and provide innovative educational solutions really highlights the future of new tech, and how companies can utilise different experiences to provide unique customer solutions.

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